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Frostilandia Culture

Traditional dish is soup Torüka which is made from:Carrots,Any type of meat,Pasta and spices.
Myth says if you don't eat Torüka when it's hot then rest of day will be bad for you.
People mostly use English or Russian to talk but some of people use Frostilandia language which is hard.
Nation animal is duck but it almost lost fight with Frostilandian turtle for that place.
Frostilandians call themselfs Frostilands it's because nation had to be named Frostiland.
People respect nature, but we still need place for new things. (A Literal Forest please don't break my knees)
Most of people don't care what other people will say.
Frostilandia don't have a anthem.

Glory to People's Republic Of Frostilandia