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The different cultures

The Culture of the badlands is developing. The Imperfect Clones is new nation therefor it has not had time to develop. However it can be described as orderly as well as chaotic. The outer border settlements have a worrier culture. Infantry have been sourced from these settlement as they are efficient killers. They are usually the one to see combat as the borders are volatile. The have developed this efficacy through the marksmanship lizards and mutated creatures for sport.

The Capitals (Kavarness) culture is a lot more merchantile, with wealth being abundant in this settlement. All citizens have to train but are not up to the standard of the boarder troops. But war does not define the culture of this settlement. Poetry, the arts, mathematics, science and Plays are popular in the streets. This is common in the core settlements but the more rural isolated its a lot more serious.

Imperfect clones