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Cure of Covid-19 have been found

Cure of Coronavirus have been found in Femcia's greatest laboratory, sooner this day

The virus known as SARS-CoV-2 have done many victims in this world. But today the solution have may been found.

The Great Laboratory of Pasteur, funded mainly by AVA and Femcia, have registered creation and progression in a week now of a virus-absorbing-capable-off bacteria, that they called Isis, using both hardened shields like Coleps, and 'melting' toxins that slice its target cells to necrosis therefore assimilate its components and materials.
"It have been maintained throughout our different experiments that when it encounter red and white blood cells, it doesn't have any aggressive behavior, unlike many infectious bacterias. In fact it could even try to help them. We have ran multiple test with the major conclusion of Isis' victory. But eventually, all of the sudden, some blood samples of our most audacious and daring experiments, in a realistic try in a fresh and uneasy dish, have attacked them after Isis have reach a comfortable population.
Isis branches that have been then exposed to aggressive animal and human blood have learned through generations a hate of them and are not useful for further research. We need more funds to complete further experiments with other branches if we wish anytime to introduce the bacteria in human's body." Explains the headscientist of the Lab.

As soon as they heard that, left or right winged libertarian screamed their lungs out of that idea. "You can't even think of putting that in anyone? What the hell? It's eugenics behaviors, and should be a crime. It isn't even capable of truly protecting us in any ways!" declares Kimi Herten, the leader of the anti-vax, anti-mask and anti-healthcare militant of the movement 'Stop Them'.
"My great-mother died of liver cancer at 62. If even anything could have counter that illness, I'd say at least we should try." Confess a citizen in the streets.