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SSA - Taevas

Teavas - SSA Satellite

SSA launches their Satellite CarrierSC into space, Carrying a satellite named Teavas

Teavas is a Geographical/Mapping satellite, It is not used for commercial purposes, But for militaristic and scientific purposes, Teavas costed 375M to build and Research, +200M for the Rocket Carrier, Meaning it costed 575M to Launch and Research the Rocket.

The Rocket Carrier is the size of 3.72 Starhoppers.

The launch failed 2 times until launching the rocket was a mastered, So it costed ~1.5B to acuttaly be able to build each one until it was successfully launched.

Teavas, The satellite maps out by using telescopes than radio bcuz yes, The images are sent by using Radio, But why map the () when it's already mapped? Well it's used for detecting and spying on the Enemy's base and also find secret bases, And also soon be used as a way to search the whole world very closely in a map in the future.