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Europeia Announces the Treaty of Morya with The League


Europeia Announces the Treaty of Morya with The League

Citizens and friends,

We are pleased to announce the Treaty of Morya between Europeia and The League. After diplomatic, cultural, and military cooperation, we are excited to formalize our growing relationship. This treaty shall serve as the foundation for a fruitful relationship between our two regions.

The Republic of Europeia is committed to developing relationships with like-minded regions. Bi-lateral relations fosters collaboration, guarantees security, and enhances cultural bonds. We are actively pursuing the new opportunities created for our republic by a shifting gameplay landscape, as new potential partners have emerged.

The Treaty of Morya is the first step toward a brighter future for both Europeia and The League.


Writinglegend, President of Europeia
Ambrella, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Europeia

Joint Statement Between Europeia and The League

The Republic of The League and The Republic of Europeia are happy to announce the ratification of the Treaty of Morya by both regions. The treaty codifies the burgeoning relationship held between TL and Europeia including provisions of mutual defense, cultural commitments, and World Assembly collaboration, alongside a shared commitment to civil rights. Our two regions have begun to forge a bond based on mutual respect, accepting differences, and engagement at all levels. The Treaty of Morya lays the groundwork for a strong, mutually beneficial relationship that both regions are committed to cultivating.