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Official Maps of Nairatania!

Maps of Nairatania
Made using MS Paint (lmao)
Credit to Stefoland for the borders from the official map of Europeia.

Nairatania, even though an island nation, does have some neighbours.

To the northwest, lies Vatinland. To the northeast, is our current hon'ble WA Delegate, Le Libertia. At last, to the southeast resides the nation of Uncilttakia

Political Boundaries:
Nairatania has been divided into multiple provinces and has many cities.

I dunno, what else are you supposed to do with countries instead of not dividing them into states? Give land to feudal lords? Nonsense!

Land Type:
Nairatania has many landscapes, used for many different purposes.

Water bodies are clearly superior than land. Change my mind.

Average Elevation:
Nairatania's landscape includes from the most pleasant of plains to quite literally breathtaking mountains.

Nairatanian citizens are only legally allowed to be 'high' at an elevation higher than 800m above sea level. (Also screw freedom eagle spelling.)

Nairatania has made it very easy to get from point A to point B.

How else are people supposed to visit their grandmas on Christmas Day expecting a PS5 as their gift but are rewarded with hand-knit socks, something even better?

Regional Exports:
Nairatania exports multiple items to countries accross the region.

You may not see it, but Nairidium's second-largest export is actually beanies.

Major Ethnicities:
Nairatania is a vastly diverse country, especially people.

Alright but why are there so many Bri'ish people here?

All credit to the Somewëhr Survey for these beautiful maps!
Enough maps already.
Also, gib upvote. I know your location.