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SPSF Soldier Promotions

Three New SPSF Soldiers

Fellow South Pacificans,

Many times, the SPSF comes to you with grand announcements, significant battles won or lost, pleas for help as we do the hard work of liberating regions from the boot of totalitarian raiders, or to address major political controversies which the SPSF becomes involved with.

Sometimes, however, the General Corps is able to recognize the day-to-day hard work that its members put in, defending innocent regions, representing our democratic values of self-determination abroad, and growing and expanding the SPSF itself. Today is one of those days where I have the pleasure to recognize three of our Trainees who have demonstrated the commitment, knowledge, and growth necessary to become full Soldiers of the South Pacific Special Forces.

I hereby announce the following three promotions from Trainee to Soldier of the South Pacific Special Forces with unanimous consent of the General Corps pursuant to Article 1(2) of the Military Code:

  • Klysevia: Klysevia (also known as Eshialand) joined the South Pacific Special Forces in early February, bringing with them experience from service in The Grey Wardens. While real life matters have interfered with Eshia's consistent update attendance, they have remained loyal to the cause of defending and the interests of the South Pacific, they have been an active social presence in the SPSF's areas of the Discord server, and they have been eager to take instruction in new skills. I am pleased to finally bestow them with this promotion, in recognition of the unique commitment they have presented to the SPSF despite real life obstacles and the knowledge and tactics they bring to the table.

  • Greater Kingdoms/KILLER: KILLER joined the SPSF more recently in late March, and since doing so has had a thirst for knowledge that cannot be satiated. Never before have I worked with a new Trainee more willing to reach out to Officers for advice and knowledge and then take that knowledge to improve their skills in the field. At this point, KILLER has more than demonstrated the commitment and skills necessary to become a Soldier.

  • The armed republic of reno/Perrysmarts: Perrysmarts joined in early April and has been one of the most self-sufficient learners and active updaters in recent times. Since joining, Perrysmarts has already become one of our most active and consistent updaters, regularly participating in operations without being asked, and doing so consistently enough to develop the skillset and knowledge for active service.

General of the South Pacific Special Forces

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