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Europeia and Balder Joint Statement on the United Kingdom (UK)

Europeia and Balder Joint Statement on the United Kingdom

The Land of Kings and Emperors (LKE) is one of Balder and Europeia's oldest bi-lateral relationships, and they have been nothing but reliable and forthright in their dealings with us for many, many years. Both Balder and Europeia greatly value that in a relationship, and we hold our old friends close.

When we got word that the LKE was breaking off their treaty with the United Kingdom (UK), another long-time ally of ours, evidently for giving comfort and quarter to those who waged war or took subversive actions against their realm, we were naturally concerned. We did not rush to judgement, though. Up to this point, neither Balder nor Europeia have commented on the flurry of back-and-forths between the UK and the LKE on the NS forum or on Europeia's own forum. Citizens of our regions call both UK and the LKE home, and we wanted to ensure that we had adequately listened to the grievances of both parties before coming to a judgement ourselves. Our conversations with UK revealed far more concerning behavior than was initially present in this dispute, however.

To be clear: these conversations were not solely about the dispute between the LKE and UK. Of far greater concern to both Balder and Europeia has been UK's burgeoning relationship with the Brotherhood of Malice. This organization has repeatedly and openly antagonized Balder, Europeia, and our allies. It is unsurprising then that both of our regions were greatly concerned by their outreach to UK so soon after the termination of UK's agreement with one of our mutual allies. Both Balder and Europeia reached out UK individually to express our concerns and to hear them out.

While the Europeian delegation initially experienced a friendly and productive conversation, the tone of the United Kingdom's delegation rapidly became hostile. The Europeian delegation was accused of being "self serving" and that they "kiss the feet of the LKE." Europeia and UK have had a treatied relationship for nearly five years, and the ties of our culture and shared citizens runs much deeper than that. UK's "what have you done for me lately" attitude in an attempt to undermine the credibility of our relationship and concerns, was deeply shocking. The Europeian delegation's contact in UK gave assurances that The Brotherhood of Malice would never be able to overcome a "deep, effective relationship" between UK and Europeia -- before quickly adding that such a relationship "doesn't exist."

The discussion with the Balder delegation was more professional, but the substance of UK's position was the same. When Balder voiced concerns about the dispute with the LKE, UK denied any wrongdoing and claimed they were being hit with baseless accusations and contrived evidence. When they voiced concern about the growing relationship with BoM, UK insisted that it would maintain its present course. Balder was told that they would be informed of future changes in direction, which rang hollow given the lack of communication in recent times.

Both Balder and Europeia feel that our recent attempts to redress our concerns with UK caused more problems than they resolved. We hold no ill will towards UK, as it is well within its right to determine its own path forward in the gameplay sphere, but it is clear that the path they are choosing diverges significantly from that of Balder and Europeia. It is thus with great regret that we must announce that Europeia will be terminating the Treaty of Westminster, and that Balder will be terminating the Treaty of Asplund.



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