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Information for World Assembly Voters: Repeal: "Condemn Reventus Koth"

Information for World Assembly Voters
Please find below another volume of the Information For World Assembly Voters program.

Our Vote recommendation: FOR

Resolution Overview:
This proposal endeavors to repeal the existing Security Council condemnation, Condemn Reventus Koth on the grounds of its failure "to provide any examples of influence or impact the nation had on The Black Hawks' operation beyond merely holding a title and unspecified wizardry", generally poor writing, and the distinct lack of condemnability in the actions of the nation in question. To make this case, the author cites various points from the original resolution, such as: An overreliance on the negative reputation of The Black Hawks and the condemnations that have resulted from it, its focus on Reventus Koth's position as the founder of The Brotherhood of Malice through their puppet nation, The Overseer (despite failing to identify the actual role the nation in question played in the region's military operations), and the gross vagueness of all reference to the now-defunct region, The Black Riders. Furthermore, the author claims the condemnation's concern over a past regime change in Osris in which the nation in question took part, is frivolous, since the aforementioned act laid the groundwork for that region's modern and legitimate government. Also on the topic of Osris, this repeal criticizes complaints regarding the nation in question's tenure as Pharaoh of Osris, claiming the position was being held legitimately and that there is no reasonable evidence that their time in the role was a net negative for the region at large. Additionally, the repeal contests the original condemnation's accusations that the Sekhmet Legion, Osris' military, was condemnable, as the Sekhmet Legion has a relatively clean record compared to other, more hardline raider factions. Lastly, the author makes the case that the original condemnation's insinuation that the nation in question reintegrated older raiding techniques into more recent methods is misleading at best, and downright false at worst.

Ministry Analysis:
There are several factors that warrant our support for this repeal. First of all, we concur with the author's analysis that the existing resolution contains writing which is poorly thought out and vague. Moreso, however, we believe many such old, attention-seeking condemnations merit being struck from the record; when censure becomes a badge of honor, it no longer serves its purpose, and should not exist. Finally, out of principle we support the Security Council's review and removal of resolutions which elevate individuals, nations, and regions which have been consistently and actively hostile toward Europeia, Europeians, and Europeian interests abroad.

This IFV Recommendation was written by Gemeinschaftsland and PhDre.

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