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Information for World Assembly Voters: Health And Safety Act

Information for World Assembly Voters
Please find below another volume of the Information For World Assembly Voters program.

Resolution At-Vote: Health And Safety Act

Our Vote recommendation: AGAINST

Resolution Overview:
This proposal seeks to promote the health and safety of workers and their workplaces through two major mandates. The authors' first major mandate is to require member states to publish, on an yearly basis (i) guidelines on "mechanical, temperature, chemical, and ergonomic stresses", (ii) guidelines on exposure to chemicals, and (iii) guidelines on helping workers reduce the risk of injury, and send copies of these guidelines to all businesses in each WA member state. They also establish a Health and Safety Board that would compile legal measures implemented by each member state, and enforcement and workplace injury data.

Ministry Analysis:
We have several serious issues with this proposal, which, despite its name, does not seriously promote health and safety. Instead it requires compiling guidelines that should already be available in any sensible workplace in a nation with a well developed government, especially if the work is inherently dangerous. Furthermore, the compilation of workplace injury statistics, and the wide range of workplace safety laws, appear to serve no particular purpose in terms of improving multiversal governance. We thus end up with another layer of bureaucracy within the WA that compiles health and safety advice and statistics, largely duplicating similar functions often carriet out at national (or sometimes provincial/local) government levels, with no discernable effects on either the health or safety of workers.

This IFV Recommendation was written in collaboration with our World Assembly Legislative League partners.

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