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Information for World Assembly Voters: Declaration In Regard to Hippopotami

Information for World Assembly Voters
Please find below another volume of the Information For World Assembly Voters program.

Our Vote recommendation: AGAINST

Resolution Overview:
Following the passage of SCR#361: Declaration On Hippopotamuses, this proposal seeks to correct insinuations that "no true Hippo is a "pygmy"", and that "with known maximum lengths in excess of 16 ? feet and maximum weights [in the wild] in excess of 4'400 pounds, Hippos are really very large." Specifically, the author highlights the case of a small hippopotamid belonging to the Hippopotamidae family known as the Pygmy Hippopotamus; which, when fully grown, stand from 75-100 centimeters high, 150-175 centimeters long, and weigh approximately 200 kilograms. With this information in mind, the author declares that while they are still moderately large, hippos are not necessarily as colossal as the original hippo-based declaration had made them out to be.

Ministry Analysis:
While the contents of this declaration are indeed based in fact, we find this proposal to be little more than a continuation of an already played out joke. Quite frankly, the errors present in the existing SCR#361: Declaration On Hippopotamuses would be better rectified with a repeal than by bringing another meaningless, redundant, and frivolous waste of all of our time to vote.

This IFV Recommendation was written by Gemeinschaftsland.

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