by The Panda's Federal Republic of Europeia Dispatch Office. . 370 reads.

On the Termination of the Treaty of Spomenik

A few days ago, Europeia along with Balder, Thaecia, and The League, approached The Communist Bloc about a few issues of mutual concern. Discussions quickly broke down, and it's with great regret that Europeia has now repealed the Treaty of Spomenik between our two regions.

We don't want to air dirty laundry about this, because it is honestly sad. We've enjoyed our cultural activities and exchanges with The Communist Bloc. Many of their citizens have become our friends. But it goes without saying that a region can only remain an ally if they care enough to keep their treatied promises.

After an instance of free speech suppression in TCB that violated an article of our treaty, Europeia along with the three other regions mentioned above sent a single representative?the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thaecia?to speak with TCB?s First Minister and Foreign Minister. We did this to avoid creating a feeling of dogpiling and to simplify discussions. These talks quickly broke down as their leadership refused to cooperate or acknowledge our concerns about the treaty being broken. Moreover, the conversation was unproductive because TCB's leadership made clear that they did not understand the provisions of our treaty, did not wish to understand them, had no intention of living up to them ? and were, in fact, indignant that we cared about the treaty at all. At one point, their Minister of Foreign Affairs told us point-blank, "I don't really care [...] what an old treaty says."

So, this is the disappointing, but required, next step after being told by an allied partner that they don't care about our shared commitments. To the friends we met along the way from the Communist Bloc: We truly wish you the best and hope our paths cross again soon.


President of Europeia

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Europeia