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Nations over Endorsement Cap (March 2022)

[b]If you are on this list, then you are considered over the Endorsement Cap.[/b]

[b]Please Reduce your Endorsements.[/b]

We understand that having a few endorsements over happens once in a while and that this can be out of your control.

[color=red][b]The CLS reserves the right to [u]eject[/u] and/or [u]ban[/u] nations over cap for regional security reasons.[/b][/color]

Nations that go above Endorsement Caps by 10 or more for several weeks or months will be considered to have violated the hard cap and may be targeted with un-endorsement campaigns to lower their endorsements.

Nations will be given at least two telegram warnings by the CLS before facing ejection after violating this hard cap.

[hr][b]Endorsing the Delegate (120 Endorsements): [/b] [hr][i]Violating hard cap (and at risk of ejection and/or ban):[/i]

[nation]native_inhabitants_of_antarctica[/nation] 128

[hr][b]Not Endorsing the Delegate (10 Endorsements): [/b] [hr][i]Violating hard cap (and at risk of ejection and/or ban):[/i]

[nation]cornelia[/nation] 23
[nation]chryspolis[/nation] 21

[i]Close to violating hard cap:[/i]
[nation]the_land_of_the_dogs[/nation] 19
[nation]stentaria[/nation] 19
[nation]veralann[/nation] 19
[nation]red_light_zone[/nation] 19
[nation]thingytown[/nation] 19
[nation]aadjunckistan[/nation] 19
[nation]walkindr[/nation] 18
[nation]the_land_of_the_tardigrades[/nation] 18
[nation]sexytopia[/nation] 17

[i]Just above cap:[/i]

[nation]united_workers_party[/nation] 15
[nation]wazaristan[/nation] 15
[nation]motherland_of_awesomeism[/nation] 14
[nation]panargers_tay[/nation] 13
[nation]moffenland[/nation] 13
[nation]albaakonso[/nation] 13
[nation]pulomas[/nation] 12
[nation]maelva[/nation] 11
[nation]ithaeinisfafait[/nation] 11
[hr][hr][color=red][b]Ejection Warnings Sent[/b][/color]

[b]First Warning Sent:[/b]

[b]Final/Second Warning Sent:[/b]

[b]To Be Ejected:[/b]



[b]Designated Ejectors:[/b] [nation]New Rogernomics[/nation], [nation]Custadia[/nation], and [nation]Debussy[/nation]


[b]Q:[/b] What do I do to reduce my endorsements?

[b]A:[/b] Send a polite telegram to some nations endorsing you, requesting them to un-endorse you so you can comply with the endorsement cap.

[b]Telegram Template:[/b]

Dear %NATION% , 

Could you please remove your endorsement from my nation so I can comply with the endorsement cap.


Your Nation Name 


[b]Note:[/b] This list is updated at least every 48-72 hours. If you have just endorsed the Delegate or just dropped endorsements to meet the Endorsement Cap, then don't be concerned.