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Regional Telegram (13 January 2022)

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Index of Announcements

My fellow South Pacificans and valued Minions,

I hope you are all doing well! I'm telegramming your Honourable Leadership with three matters that are all related to the World Assembly.

As you no doubt may be well aware, the Coalition has recently begun the voting round for the Delegate Election to select a South Pacifican as my successor. As a Minion, your vote is critically important and I warmly encourage you to cast it here. All the pertinent information has been laid out by Election Commissioner Kringalia and is accessible in the below dispatch.

The Delegacy is an important position of trust and a source of security for our thriving democracy. In this role, they are supported by the members of the Coral Guard which is a body of Minions who serve as a defence against external and internal security threats. In that vein, your endorsement of the Coral Guard is a vital contribution to the South Pacific! Endorsing is easy! Just click on the nations listed below, scroll down the page, and click the button 'Endorse ...'!

Last but not least, may I also encourage you to consider the merits of the current proposal before the Security Council, 'Commend One Small Island'. The determination of the Cabinet is a recommendation to vote against "due to concern about the quality of the proposal's research and construction". In saying that, I trust you will evaluate the proposal by your own national standards and vote accordingly.

All of which underscores the centrality of the World Assembly in the South Pacific. It is perhaps the most visible element of our world and I hope you will take this opportunity to consider joining the global institution if you haven't already done so.

Thank you for taking the time to read this telegram and I wish you all the very best! ^-^

Your Supreme Leader,

Delegate of the South Pacific,

The Supreme Leader of all Minions, His Majesty, the Admiral Delegate General Stewie G., Delegate of the South Pacific, the Magnificent Ultimate Leader of all of NationStates, High Autocrat of the New Minion Order, King of Kings, Democratic President and Prime-Minister-For-Life, Chairman and Supreme General Secretary Admiral of the People’s Republic of the South Pacific, Invincible and All-Triumphant Lord Commander, Grand Dentist of the Ice Cream Association, Chief Ophthalmologist and board-certified Dermatologist of the South Pacific Special Forces, Brilliant Genius of Humanity, Noble Prize winner in everything but Peace, and Benevolent Oppressor and Ruthless Protector of the Expendable People of Amerion.

January 2022 Delegate Election
Schedule | How To | Ballot | Result

I come before you to announce that it is once again time to elect the Delegate of the South Pacific. The Delegate is the regional head of state and is the primary official in charge of helping maintain the security of the region, promoting growth and activity, and serving as an advisor to the government.

Elections for the Delegate are administered by an Election Commissioner. The election, as laid out in Articles 2 and 3 of the LinkElections Act, is as follows:

  • Candidates must declare their candidacy and post a campaign and a conflict of interest disclosure in the public campaign area.

  • A first round of voting will be held on the regional forum with all candidates and an option to re-open nominations, where voters will be able to list candidates whom they approve without regard to any order of preference.

  • If either of the two most approved candidates has less than a majority of approvals, then the option to re-open nominations shall be considered the winner in place of said candidate and the election shall revert to the nominations period.

  • A second round of voting will be held via regional poll with the two candidates (or more, if a tie intervened) who advanced from the first round, where voters will be able to select the candidate of their preference.

The remainder of this dispatch will contain relevant information for candidates and voters alike, so that this election process may proceed as smoothly as possible. Good luck and thank you for participating in our democratic process!

Yours faithfully,

Kris Kringle
Election Commissioner


The election shall proceed according to the following schedule. If any changes are made, they shall be reflected below.

  • Declarations begin on 01 January 2022 00:00 (UTC) and end on 08 January 2022 00:00 (UTC) Link(countdown).

  • Campaigning begins on 01 January 2022 00:00 (UTC) and ends on 08 January 2022 00:00 (UTC) Link(countdown).

  • Voting for the first round begins on 08 January 2022 00:00 (UTC) and ends on 11 January 2022 00:00 (UTC) Link(countdown).

  • Voting for the second round begins on 12 January 2022 00:00 (UTC) and ends on 19 January 2022 00:00 (UTC) Link(countdown).

Please consider time zone differences when reviewing the deadline for each stage in the election. It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with all legal requirements within the mandated time frames Link(time zone conversion).



Candidates must comply with the following requirements within the declarations period (see schedule above) to be considered for election.

  • Be a legislator before the beginning of the declarations period.

  • Be eligible for World Assembly membership. Ineligibility will be grounds for disqualification.

  • Have an endorsement count equal to, or higher than, 80% of the endorsement cap at the start of the declarations period. The endorsement cap is currently set at 361 endorsements.

  • Declare their candidacy or accept a nomination via a reply to the designated thread.

  • Post a thread within the public campaign area containing a campaign and a conflict of interest disclosure. The disclosure must contain all potential conflicts of interest within the region and abroad. Submission of false or incomplete information in a conflict of interest disclosure may be grounds for disqualification.

Once a candidate meets all the above requirements they will be considered for the ballot and may campaign as they see fit, subject to all applicable laws and standards of conduct.


The election consists of a first round of voting held via Approval Vote and open to all legislators who gained their status prior to the start of the election, followed by a second round of voting held via regional poll and open to all Native World Assembly Residents.

There are two ways of casting a vote. In both cases, the act of voting involves selecting the candidate whom the voter prefers.

  • A public vote may be cast via the regional poll that is set up by the Commissioner. The poll will automatically restrict voting only to eligible nations.

  • An absentee vote may be cast via a post on the RMB that tags the Commissioner. An absentee vote may only be cast by nations who will be on deployment with Special Forces at the conclusion of the vote, as certified in advance by the Minister of Defence.

Please consider time zone differences when reviewing the deadline for each stage in the election. It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with all legal requirements within the mandated time frames Link(time zone conversion).



The raw result of the election may be found as linked below:

LinkFirst Round | Second Round

The full repository of election results and assorted election resources may be found in the LinkElection Management System.

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Please endorse the Delegate and South Pacific Coral Guard members!

Due to a recent change in the LinkCharter, the South Pacific Coral Guard (SPCG) is now our region's primary guardian force (nations with high endorsement count that keep the region safe). The Council on Regional Security (CRS) no longer has this function as their primary responsibility (However, you should keep endorsement on them if you have already endorsed them). Due to this change, if you are mentioned in this dispatch, please endorse the Delegate and all members of the Coral Guard if you haven't done so (Look below for the list of these nations). Thanks!

How to endorse a nation: Click on a nation name to open its page, scroll down, then click the Endorse button.

WA Delegate

Member nations of the South Pacific Coral Guard (SPCG)



Concrete Slab

073 039 109 032 080 111 112 112 121




Purple Hyacinth

Land Without Shrimp

Holy Free




We would much appreciate it if you endorsed all of these nations, as it helps with regional security and may lead to future rises in the endorsement cap. Endorsing other nations doesn't affect your nation's foreign policies and statistics. Your nation will receive the title of SWAN Knights and be mentioned on the next monthly award volume if you endorse all of the above nations. Read more about why we recommend you to do this here.

With your nation in the WA, you can participate in these activities in our region:

  • Help regional nations and the Delegate decide on WA resolutions that govern the world by participating in the Office of WA Legislation voting program. Our region has the second strongest voting power on the WA so let your voice be heard!

  • Alternatively, you can join our regional military the South Pacific Special Forces and use your WA nation to defend innocent regions and promote the interests of the region abroad. If you want something fast-paced, strategic, and fun in NationStates and our region, the SPSF is for you! Telegram Minister of Defence Emodea for more information.

Note: You can block this nation in your notification settings if you wish to not receive messages like this.

List of nations that haven't endorsed all members of the Delegacy and SPCG

The Imperial Of Notsep, Fuenla, Eddonia, Empervia-Republica, Ambitchous, Arelplace, Guaranis do sul, The Woragopiria, Valdutz, Gorilla topia, Tineman, Ibirapuitan, DEUS NOVUS TERRA, Order of the Iron Cross, Uroborosa, Martilial, Quinta Caporales, Muntanji, JerJerBinxia, Byzkat, Jibberjam, Grunfelds, Frozen Phoenix Children, Sueria, Velle Bene, The Vangards of Discourse, Hiyya, Franchise, United Carribean Islands, VitaCraves, Waraldam, LAFTown, United Great, Shonehr, Amonguitos, Mitera, Doge Land, Kingdom of Bongos, Norpolan, Bodenaland, Milaftia, Pamela And Hepatitis, Vutone, Albania2, The Dictatorian, Galbreeze, Emerald-Denver, Oxsania, Camante, Babblijabs, Donau States, Raidener, The Oregon Teritory, Nova Montron, Thegaymen, Great Jahar, The Russian hierarchy, The Aveline Union, Vestwarmia, Incera, Entaica, Dalnevostochnaya, Loechia, Nalkun Federation, Albeville, Pank-roka, The Ohioan Caliphate, The overlords men, Senkent Mace, Littol teddy, Nova Secta, Wilambourg, Robtropica, Naforth, Uunited Islands, Northern Tealand, Zimbabulandia, Petrozad, Horrsangia, Hervgoniza, Tchtchka, United States of Vietnam, Melanoi, Ipog, Potatodom, Korobeinki XIV, Regrateraterpseria, Moblokia, New Auxan, Lazikia, Driskia, CrossPolliNation, Imperio Gaucho, Slokonia, Gechiu, Anthinium Mater, UniDaniLand, Pendelk, The United Pitcairn Islands, QuietDad of TSP, The Democratic republic of krintomori, Legit Freedom, Cot Deviet, Sjorve Ned, Arabian Tribes, Cacatuoidea, Ezopia, Lioniel, Moridine, Zoskar, Costa Estre, Thanitharia, Moravske imperium, Nicholas and GB, Nation1, Russian dictatorship named after Kalugin, The republic of dansen, Korven and Podir, Delthorensdale, A Bombed-Out Crater, UNITED duck DUCK NATION, Anzurra, Amakul, Bun Bun, Skarladdy, Chubrubs, Gymnostan, Gova Shric, Turks of The Eastern Calculus, Levaan-Amber, Aionia, Munarch Empire, Unielvan Millorvium, Chindillicirand, The Thernmerdialtonight, Greater Pan-Slavic-Russian State, Hokaidoi, Somurias, Ragabania, VincereBello, Standeraland, The Anarchist Lands of Yamalo, Axis Mundi, Fronern, Patriots front, Weryalachiressaraxiatopia, The Lost Peoples, Eleutheria Pleece, Donat Invadia, Parthinia, Ceylania, Novalunosis, SBE, Molisestan, Remmoztap, Karlkayia, Wallanda, Dracogoch, Emeraldlite, Noimosini, Maulth, Domacria, Ze Misfits, United Sheikh, New Oxforth, Avalon Nouveau, Equal and United Scientists, Serpicancia, Mar Landistund, UniFurkania, The Dysk, Sharold, Bashkiri, East Gude Demen, CostaLisa, Libek, Yurmumstan, Isokenzar, Bavaristan, Narans Dis, Deruuu-2, Greater Sovereign Lands, Afriderthe, Amutien, Tricassium, New Teriteracardabs, Libralista, Christway, The drews, Midand, Gundora, Omalayia, FU BAR, Nails, New East Scandinavia, Carpton, California Bay, Corvius, East Copa Cabana, Hadrex, Theopach, The Stickmin Empire, Aestauria, Patrickstao, Nova Farron, Tarsapium, Neeewds, Carkaasia, Stasteston, Bharathvarsha, Sutarianesia, Getting touched, Human Technocracy, Apetronia, Comicos, Sydacy, Never was New England, Obeana, Lamari, Little Friendship, Noish, Jabu, Kepler-B, Imperial Monturn, Psipi, Telonovia, Stella-Arga, Luisinas, Rufland, Esteracia, Gitou Ploutou, Patriarchal Tenjhoku, Duchad, Tur Monkadzii, Midaunia, Changolandia, Jusuarianos do norte, MOTSWAGOLE, Haxiat, Logomalondo, Khonlina, Valktarum, Tayzor, Komio, Zanforadon, Vincenia Crucis, The Nuclear Dragon, Zataras, Hydra-Centaurus, Peligo, New Roakia, Alienware Keyboards, Gherweb2, La Malacca, New Itomorii, Gastravon, Jorstone, Gonale, Arendellamao, The Islands of AA, Noganta, Mirishial, Galacia-Lodmeria, Motri, Kingdom of Santok, Great Aeldari, Viewport, The Union of Arstotzka and Kolechia, Ublar Echon, Bear Connors Paradiso, The Icy Comet, Si-Llon, Rhayna, Dignic Freuraternia, Mano SooS, Black Libra, Lonial, United Peorn Kyskelexia, Juntedanad, Sharafi, Messiso, Bekrut, Villorpestan, Takandamy, Yalong islands, D-DARM, Radrok, Fugellia, Cranberron, Ekitol, Emiton, Northern Youstiond, Caeverton, Unist Spa, Ariapolis01, Carabach, Treya-Talbo, Kazhinskia, Venom Bug, Triangulum Entangulum, Halensade, Tipora, Tutliitto, TheCorruption, VonJake, Zaiwatsu, We dont care at all, Yunoria, GI-Land, Jackson-Ville, Muston, Constantineus, EovTrevor, Theorin, Yara Confederacy, Festdidgea, Pax Dracon, Akimera, Lazarevich, Monti Dauni, If u go here u r bound to die, Sigfridia, Yeonbang, Strexia, The Peacock Dynasty, The republic of Jackalopetopia, Shingro, Prismania, Baron Ungern and Tzar Nicholas, Crystal Creation, Haramzada, Atzer Statesriaking, Avonhead, Unterlander, Greater Planestic, Ivanea, Ridehale, North Pernambuco, Camumilla, Juboria, Salandor, Azur Lane-UNSC, Is there nothing, Poggi Piggi, United Findale, Figlandia, Latviana, Nehemia, Far Oneadia, Dostoroth, Feusa, Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvb, Giolmia, Scorpenyo, State Denmark, The Empire Of Ore, Dis7Nation, ArielUwU, Gaila, St Croixe, Iklenskia, YEET LORD, Socruell, Of the european socialist republics, Pertrailonschaarn, Batahara, Imperium Sempiternum, Das Shell, Vercadina, Plurinacional of west, Kelshine, Monaque, Jaharia 31, Endalm, Costuvia, Kalilola, Sukaramai, United States of Freebiria, Nova Plastote, Medusa Merger, New Surt, Hyderabad and the Deccan Plateau, Altnavia, 69420 funny, Anartektica, Tiazan, The Brand New Salvatagard Republic, PsiCorps, Chareest, Isles of Emerald, AnteGod, Teree, Jaxartia, Gargena, Kurdislavic Algharbistan, Corinthina, Pai Land, Laivala, Society of Likeminded Individuals, Nourvegian, New Konigstadt, Greater Casscadia, Avangarn, Neurin, Great Scapula, South Blossom, Mabrurg, Kirlas Dows, Logomania, Yodinno, United Allied Earth Federation, King Koopa, Allianon, JimmyP, Catalunya Unida, Loosland, Junlandia, Sttato Pontificio, Gamalarta, Ulpia Serdica, The ColdWyvernian Undead, Moradania, Nkumaland, The republic of Konsa, Karag, Dukin Donuts, Northern Briju Wilivintwizat, Fudgetopia, Silmad, Antarctic Colonies, Pinndorama, Evilonians, The Socalist Republic of Denmark, Holy Lechistan Empire, Eduardus, Amapondo, Beribereesopia, Hyenhnam, Eirdam, Eauli, Trelatche, City States Nation, Flaksis, Synarion, Sol Two, UYSR, LeagueOfBoringGirs, Noveos, The Tealnd Isles, Ordofigiaid, Eastern Juble Lux, Tragedyland, Erfton, Koffiye, Talentia, Sordandia, Crown Rhine, Madhonia, MilkyWay Republic, The Empire of Drassliona, The Constantine Assembly, Bumblegaria, United Irradiated Impact Craters, Vilbonde, Aieta, The Northeast Mashriq, Umbrinto, The Akian Islands, Herlaugg Oppiandiand, Kenven, Srivijaya Union, Chocolate Coins, Kanjiristan, Wese Zippopiteradgil, Nintex, Pattevere, Thalmazia, Fire Islands, Colonnia, Gerico, The United Provinces of Eastern Asia, New Goldman, Tyurmia, Outer Bratorke, Imperio Emperio, Noicre, Jincie, Aureuliz, Quarkis, Kunderia, Tachoria, Harrysberg, Yutogolan, Leniland, Kolloquia, Yatoland, Eastern Brazil Empire, The Serbian States, Great Kingdom of United British People, Zolooloo, Coltslavia, Jaznhujkel, Afterlife USA, Norte Rio Grande, Pan-Indonesia, Qaweritoyu, SIFB FEDERATION, Hoemiestan, Sujadi, Norosphood, Isle Can, Al Makhar, BubbleLands, Lukemburg, United Rebellious States, Americantopia, Weatherly, Kanskje, New Mistland, Jazklartan, Privatore, Eastalehrowelle, Marstella, Farelonia, Zvi, YamiNbe, Dereistic, Dankstergrad, SneedNFeed, Virconea-Milatia, Toffy Kar, Alaninia, Black Mountain Correctional Facility, Batchlogradia, Wexran, Urumol, Kimoka, Tvania, Zess 2 Judgment Day, Paltastan, The New Order Of The People, JiaYang, Soilistan, Superioria, South Pernambuco, Drushvimand, Cypheri, Lav Republic, New Seallands, Wonderwalla, Karatengisa, South Caleblan, Saohoa, Dragovian, New Crownea, Sria Thes, Garneria State, The Imperial land, Bledsoler, Saint Roberts, Yroshima, Newtown I, Pioneers of Freedom and Socialist Utopia, Uzearakstan, Faria Thew, Kunashiri, Samsjams, Besern, Estado Liberal de Luizitania, Gmaing, Switzerlande, Peoples State of Astria, Rathesia, Viribus Videri, Jurti, Gatalian, Piscantium, Hatrina, Veluz, Mallarshia, Gilrou, Corona Archipelago, Sanfula, Randgola, Tremulistan, Funkytownland, The Arctic e, Vallynor, The Ginger Lands, Ebrijan, Los Lonley Boys, SignaKa, Ferristia, Outspoken Brits, United Provinces of Hatheland, Sagostas, Kalvi Obvistow, Tir Moryn, Jonbekistan, Glemoria, Insulae libertatis, Bragotchena, Capitalist ConservativeAmerica, Hravingia, Iron Airships, Korubos, The Twelve States, Pendorre, Sokratis Constantine, Lexington-Nysettia, Boejack horseman, Johntodd, Melvi11e, Eising Islands, Mendogreen, Urumpia, Martiland, Decht, Hannweia, Strantia, Gentea, Mulvan, Amongica, Balonga, Buchannz, Orizzia, Mona Landia, Cerun, Sul Rotice, Centia Deran, Banaat, Unifying, Ordem do Brasil, Alfenheim, Brkadold Guayistan, The anarchist Penguins, United albionn, Chekuruvada, Lord Chili, Ancapstain, EmperorPenguinz, Flomtopia, Confederacy of Kua Toine, Tibana, East Eria, Jquaxia, Luthanlex Test 01, Burgeeland, Black Ivars, Gesaint, Great Lothian, South Ribble, Central Potter, Military matters, SHAYTAN UKHIROSS, Harle, Pelariac, Mount shrine, Katies Realm, Ceitrenya, The Dog Star, NOMAYUKI, The Dalmaric Coast, Las Puentes, Illedore, The Republic of Sri Lanka, Republic of Rovine, Itallo, RKN, The Halley Islands, Insurectionar, Trubirohan, New Anterea, SmokeyStack, Saint Cinder, Herbert Island, NeoConcordia, Shishiro, La Grandert, People of Onurland, Stonewick, The United Common, Lan fan frijheid en skientme en kultuer, Pumpkinstan, Anglaunia, Center Lisle, The Burger King Corporation, Hunopopo, Progresa, The Helleness, Theapiamor, Cyberdexia, Croteria, Holy Doda Man Kania, Modelna, Vinnitzia, Kevolatilla, LadyRebels, Kriegwer, Sylantina, Barkorth, New Alpenrough, Calaandee, Lotrisia, Flunisons, Gamer Progressive, West Ungaria, YeetB, Desmondsa, Auslexia, The Dominon Dwellers, The Royal Imperial Crown, Wildweststan, Freenity, New Tayvius, Faiyum, Caukny, Merptopia, Ballssa, VaterWamk, United Great Holy Empire, Hjhkii8, Sovereign Shurima, Edenlegaia, Jammlandia, Markost, Barbatosias, Kasley, The Drakan Republic, Nilparana, LewdMeow, Excellent Anarchy, Markla, Arcilion, Kuenistan, Jucsticia, Rocotollia, Aha Roscestarrawak, Fousuomi, Deimos and Phobos, Sikarnthavexanders, Det Imperium, Joetunn, Gokuryeo, Deerp, New Tira, Dutania, Sebaticus, Evinea, Singlangorawak, Obscure Sorrows, Fyomi, Western Ranalon Khoncia, Big green chin, Solaring, Operahouse, Gonteris, Galactic war, Drugged Monkeys, Perfet, Great Empire of Byzantium, Claxistan, Braza, Dirkistan, The Zangritophia, Dersobalia, Sautu, Firleon, TAW93, Enlightened Australasia, Thesomethingelsetiktok, Unidum, Paganan, Potatoeslandia, Marsiane, Goom Bay, Kimw, Frea Litter, New Free Peru, Communist Darskaya Republic, DellArmen, Tres Riachos, Isovet, Quethe, Keraiza, White Cove, Eastern Nyan, Lokasaz, Katikstan, Demicity, Baconburger, Yonad, Arle, Konlonbina



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