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Join the PRAF Reserve!

Join the PRAF Reserve!

Support PRAF Operations!


The PRAF Reserve is a program for TCB residents who wish to assist with PRAF operations but canít necessarily commit to participating in every military event.

Signing up is easy! Fill out the linked Google form, and let our Minister of Foreign Affairs, New Astri, know by sending them a telegram on NationStates. (nation=new_astri)

Reservists will be given orders via telegram and dispatch, as well as earn Battle Stars for participating in operations. There are three reserve ranks, each earned after collecting a certain number of battle stars.

0 battle stars - Nestling
1 battle star - Fledgling Falcon
3 battle stars - Bomber Eagle
5 battle stars - Hell Hawk
10 battle stars - King Vulture
15 battle stars - Butcher Bird
20+ battle stars - Terror of the Skies

Reservists will earn rank bars to show off in dispatches and on the forums as well!

Sign up Linkhere!

If you are an active pilot in the PRAF (have a non-reserve rank), you are not eligible to join the Reserves whilst you remain active.