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Operation Cayenne Pepper

[align=center][url=https://www.nationstates.net/region=thaecia][img]https://i.imgur.com/F1nceGk.png[/img][/url][box]Once upon a time, in a land far far away (maybe not quite so far away), on the shores of the Pacific Ocean on the lush hidden amaranthine isles flush with laurels of fruit and vegetables aplenty. 

On these isles, a pepper was born, now this was not just any pepper you see, for it was a cayenne pepper; fierce, fiery, protective, yet sedentary, languid. Not a single cayenne pepper had left the isles for years, as the population lay languid, simply “updating” their lives away…

That was…

Until a shadowy figure, only whispered about in stuff of legends, known only as “Sitethief” graced the isles, speaking of themes, wonder, animals, collections, mystery, of peppering life to the fullest!!!

Eyes grew wide, peppers whispered. Most dismissed these stories, staying on their vines like reclining chairs.

But not our pepper.

Our pepper vowed.

Vowed to see the world beyond trees of their safe abode.

Vowed to go where no other pepper had gone before.

Armed with promises, dreams, and a roasting llama of adventure, our pepper set out into the unknown.

For any other pepper, this might have been the end of the story; quick, short, succinct, tragic. The only possible recourse being to scorch the tongues of unsuspecting hunters, but not here, not now, not for this pepper raging with the force of a thousands legions, the drive of the griffins, the enthusiasm of a newcomer.

Our pepper first stopped in a land of ever changing boundaries, one where right could mean left and all cardinal directions of others were torn asunder. Thoroughly divulged by these practices, our pepper stayed here short, admiring the end of a viceroy’s quirky delegacy streak to [i]christmas[/i] with great satisfaction.

Growing increasingly daring, our pepper took no rest, nay, it set its eyes west! Where a realm to overwhelm lay in weight, grown decadent thinking itself untouched for some time, far in the west. Now, feasting on some [i]gorzi-[/i]lled western 'martyrs' of tan-gerines, a thought crossed our pepper’s mind, is this the pinnacle of our travels? Gorging on fine western cuisine of delegacies?


For as a pepper grows…

So does its appetite…

Its hunger for more…

That insatiable bloodlust of the cayenne pepper…

Waging a war path near and far…

There was one thing left to do, one conquest so irresistible that travel bans be damned, vacation plans never to be the same…


The vast, unconquerable frontier.

Until now.

The night sky bled that night, gods, rockets, Roman-Spartans all fought, and all for nought to continue their iron grip on the great beyond.

Space bled, and certainly not for the last time as the cayenne pepper stopped all in their tracks, showing no mercy to any such preposterous wishes as will.

Warlord, Conqueror of Space, Vanquisher of Rights, Destabilizer of the Bowels, the one who tore the Spacefaring Civilizations Asunder, Pacifier of None, the Spice that Flows, the CAYENNE PEPPER.

May we never face the wrath of such a pepper for as long as we live.

Cursed be those who dare catch its wrath.

~ 🌶️ The Fiery Wayfaring Fellows who saw the Pepper through Thick and Thin 🌶️ ~


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First Warden Grea Kriopia
High Constable Sir Merlin
Chamberlain Haku
Commander Benevolent Thomas
Warden-Lieutenant Alfonzo
Warden-Lieutenant Moon
Senior Warden Eshia
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Senior Warden Ryccia
Warden Chartania
Warden Frenchy
Warden Unkzier
Warden Vis



~ 🌶️ Lands Succumbed and Tipped for the most glorious and almighty Cayenne Pepper 🌶️ ~

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