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President | Head of State

President of the Union of
Neko-Loushinist Dictatorship

Danchoyuu'sae se Neko Ruyon


National Emblem of Loush Land

President Standard


Qizura Azare
Since January 2, 2048

Style His Excellency
Residence Tangshui Mogeko, Xi Lan

Preceded by Rio Daszare

President of Loush Land
Head of State of Prosperous People's Republic of Loush Land

The President of Prosperous People's Republic of Loush Land is the title given in Loush Land as the head of the state in Loush Land (Prosperous People's Republic). In Loushie, the President's title is called Danchoyuu'sae. The current President of the Prosperous People's Republic is Rio Daszare. The President was elected by the central committee of the Communist Party of Loush Land (CPLL).

Whoever holds the President title is considered as Paramount Leader of the Prosperous People's Republic of Loush Land. As well as General Secretary, President is also a candidate that comes from the Communist Party. In practice, President is helped by the ministers from the cabinet that has been chosen as the standing committees of the Communist Party.

Title History

In 1960, President was introduced as a title during Asthoshent regime. The transition from monarchy to a republic was not easy enough for Asthoshent and Dr. Hashesent to think about. In 1972, President was considered a leader for life since Asthoshent tried to keep his throne for his own successors, thus it also created a mindset for the people of Loush Land to relatively think that President shouldn't be replaced by any candidate before the predecessor is passed away. In 2014, President was abolished from the constitution and the state and replaced by Lorde. In 2019, President was re-introduced as a title since the restoration of the Republic. From 2020 to 2025, President was replaced by Chairperson as a head of state. From 2025 to 2032, the head of state was abolished due to the civil war in the continent at that time. And since 2032, President restored as a head of state as well as Paramount Leader.