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Loushia Language - Official Language in Loush Land


Pronounciation [Lou'shi'ye.hen]

Native to Loush Land

Native Speakers 4.468 billion

Language Family Louzia-Loushia

Early Form Louzia Native

Writing System

    Loush / Loush Modernization (Latin)
    Tongko-Loush'i (Zhuyin) - Former

Signed Form Loushie'jeohen

Official Status

Official Language in

Recognized in

Banned in

Regulated by Shiko'ben Loushie'hen

Language codes

ISO 639-1 ls

ISO 639-2 lsh

ISO 639-3 lsh

Loushia Language

Loushia Language (loushie'hen, [lou'shi'yen.hen]) is the official language in Loush Land, and its administrative regions. The new form from the previous Louzia-Loushia variety that already exist since year 375 with Louzia Native as the old form. Loushia language is the most spoken language in the Loush continent and in the Red East. It is also the mother tongue of the nevali and zanimhv languages. In the The West Loush Land, Loushia language got transcript into sub version of Loushia language, most of the words are the same, only subject and adjectives that formed newer.