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The Meaning of Declansburg's Flag

The following statement is released jointly by the nations of The House of Dux Bradford John.

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Explaining Declansburg's New Regional Flag
Adopted on December 13, 2021 by the Provisional Regional Government

Declansburg's flag, adopted on Dec. 13, 2021.


On December 10, 2021, Odinburgh's arrival in Declansburg signaled the reunification of the former nations of The Radiant under one banner. That banner, however, was not the flag you see above.

Let's begin at the old flag...

Declansburg's original flag represented a region at war. It had four colors: red, symbolizing the cost of conflict; green, symbolizing The Dáxlamic Evergreen Republic and an environmental commitment; blue, symbolizing a commitment to clean water; and black, symbolizing the grief of a nation in a seemingly never-ending battle.

The old flag also prominently featured a coiled snake, which signified a region that was both in transformation and on the defensive.

Declansburg's first flag featured a coiled snake, representing a region at war.

In those days, Declansburg was playing defense for good reason.

For years, Dux Bradford John, the former founder of The Radiant, had been the target of an multiyear campaign of harassment by King Geedorah of Spenzerous and the nations of The Planet X. Today we know who was behind the campaign but, at the time, it was unclear.

What became quite obvious over time, however, was that the campaign's organizer was committed to malicious acts of psychological warfare against former members of The Radiant with the sole purpose of dividing the region's former members against New Bradfordsburg.

Facts that have since come to light now reveal that King Geedorah began the campaign when he turned against The Dux after New Bradfordsburg resisted pressures to violate The Treaty of The Radiants in October 2017. King Geedorah had demanded The Dux participate in a clandestine continuation of aggression against Order of The Southern North.

Order of The Southern North was a signatory region in The Treaty of The Radiants, which put an end to LinkThe First War of The Radiants.

The Dux refused and King Geedorah threatened to have Dáxlam "effaced from the planet."

The Evergreen Republic then blew the whistle on King Geedorah's plans.

In the years that followed, various regions were created by King Geedorah and his allies that purported to be representations of Dux Bradford John. Regions that mocked Dáxlam became numerous, and puppet nations impersonated The Dux in regions like Sparrow to undermine the foreign relations of New Bradfordsburg.

The Dux blamed former nations from The Radiant for conducting and supporting the campaign, along with members of The Wolf Clan, which launched The Second War of The Radiants.

All the while, New Bradfordsburg collected evidence. Indeed, many of the tactics King Geedorah used against The Dux were internationally despised. However, it took years for King Geedorah's campaign of hate to reach it's dramatic climax in the latter months of 2021.

By the late summer of 2021, New Bradfordsburg had returned to gameplay and founded Declansburg as a safe haven for Dux Milan and Yaxopsville. Despite a lengthy absence from the game, King Geedorah renewed his campaign against The Dux immediately. The region of Randovia, in The Dáxlamic Empire, was seized quickly by a puppet of SpenZerous and re-founded. It was then passed off as a creation of The Dux. Nations controlled by SpenZerous, like Brad the tyrant and New bradsburg, began communicating with Novus Lucidum in an attempt to plant the seeds of discontent. Threatening telegrams began arriving in New Bradfordsburg's inbox.

Tensions rose when the efforts of SpenZerous began to fall flat. The campaign, while it had increased in vitriol, was becoming less effective at preventing communication between The Dux and former members of The Radiant.

Around the same time, evidence that had been collected by New Bradfordsburg over several years was reported to the moderators.

The moderators responded to New Bradfordsburg's report by deleting Spenzerous and puppetsweeping King Geedorah's nations.

King Geedorah, who lost a nation that was over a decade old, began making new nations to threaten Dux Bradford John, which were considered death threats by the moderators. The moderators then took the action of exposing SpenZerous in a regional message board post on Novus Lucidum.

It has been reported that King Geedorah is now banned from NationStates, though his former allies claim that he will return "during the next cycle of the sun."

While the reprehensible actions of King Geedorah are to be condemned by all nations, the stunning conclusion of King Geedorah's campaign paved the road for a period of reunification and rebirth that has invigorated Declansburg today.

Therefore, with the historical struggle of our region in mind, we reveal the meaning behind Declansburg's new flag.

The new flag...

Most notably, the new flag incorporates a symbol that stood out on the old banner: a snake. On the new flag, the snake appears to be trying to consume itself. This is an ouroboros, an ancient symbol that signifies rebirth, representing infinity and the cycle of life and death that is so notable in our shared history dating back to The Radiant.

The flag also now includes a dragon, symbolizing the wisdom and knowledge of our ancient nations. This dragon is holding a shield, which represents our regional commitment to defend what is righteous. On this shield is The Praying Lady of Samanthalán, representing the region's status as a safe haven for Dáxlamic peoples of the world. The Praying Lady of Samanthalán is the international symbol of Dáxlam and was featured on The Radiant's regional flag between 2016 and 2018.

Like the old banner, the new flag features a Nordic Cross, symbolizing redemption and eternal life. Additionally, there are three colors on Declansburg's new flag. The flag features white, symbolizing the pure intentions of good will between regional partners, and dark blue, symbolizing the heights of the sky, and the depths of the sea to exemplify the reach of our regional influence. Blue and white are also the regional colors of Novus Lucidum, which has contributed greatly to Declansburg's growth. Black on our new flag symbolizes the depths of space - to which we are willing to go - and our quest to expose the unknown. This color shall serve as a reminder to continue on our journey for knowledge and understanding of the world in which we exist.

This flag has been raised first by Declansburg, the capital and namesake of our region, on Dec. 12, 2021.

It shall be raised on Dec. 13, 2021, in the last days of our Constitutional Convention, by decree of Dux Bradford John on behalf of the Provisional Government of Declansburg, and by unanimous consent among The House of Dux Bradford John.

So be it!

New Bradfordsburg
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