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The Grey Wardens | Not Even Admin Can Save Raiding

First Warden Grea Kriopia upon realizing that Admin won't fix their cockup.

Never underestimate the ability of admin to do nothing. - [v]

Last Major a broad coalition of invaders violated the sanctity of both lazy Sunday and a sovereign region that never did them or anyone else any harm as they seized control of The New Order Last days of Europe, partly due to the size of their stack and length of their trigger, and partly because some idiot (me) whiffed the endo on the native after a 0s chase. The Grey Wardens, and our friends across defending were understandably unfazed, it hasn't even been a month since our crushing defeat of the combined forces of raiderdom in Trovons of course. Troops were rallied and triggers were set for an easy 12 hour Liberation which we accomplished smashingly. Except, the raiders had one more ally they hadn't listed on the World Factbook Entry of the occupied region, NationStates Site Administration, whose spaghetti code quite literally ripped the delegacy away from us and gave it back to the raider lead even though we updated with more endorsements and a happening regarding our seizure of the delegacy was generated.

Warden-Commander Altmoras reacts to Admin ghosting when their game that is already balanced heavily in the favor of invading is tipped even further in favor of raiders by a glitch.

Naturally we raised the issue with site staff since it's pretty bullshit that we can win fair and square and have the site just go "lol no", moderation directed us to admin, and admin was nowhere to be found. That was expected though so the Wardens and our friends prepared to do things the hard way and Liberate The New Order Last days of Europe twice in a row. Even more troops were rallied, and triggers were set despite a halfhearted update bending attempt by Lily 8 minutes before the target updated. Thankfully the second Liberation stuck and the inevitability of our victory was finally realized as we decisively crushed the raiders 98-86. The natives of The New Order Last days of Europe can now sleep tight knowing that the destruction of their region at the hands of the Darkspawn horde has been averted, and the NationStates servers can sleep tight knowing that I won't drive down to Vancouver and smash them with an axe, which I put some thought into doing if they bugged out again.

But enough dunking on Admin, it's time for some seriously positive vibes because the turnout across defending was honestly massive. One hundred and seven troops turned out to Libcord across the two updates, and our friends in 10000 Islands weren't slacking either, although I'm not privy to their precise troop numbers. That's not quite as many as the 130+ that showed for Trovons, but if you account for this Liberation taking place on Sunday and only lasting 2 updates instead of the 4 Trovons lasted you'll realize that we're only growing stronger. And I'm not just talking about the Wardens, organizations across defending are getting hungry and seeking consistent incremental improvement operation after operation. Most horrifyingly for invaders should be the fact that they've roused the sleeping giant of The South Pacific who crushed their Trovons turnout despite the reduced length of this operation. Let this be a public service announcement for any nations or regions interested in entering R/D, Defending is the strongest and we're only going to get stronger, we have the most fun, we have the coolest unaligned and independent partners, and our momentum is only going to build. There are multiple projects in motion behind the scenes that will only cement our advantage, and we'll continue to grow and improve until peace and safety are guaranteed in perpetuity for all good nations and regions throughout NationStates.

If you're interested in joining the good fight as a region or as an individual reach out to any officer or government member in TGW or any other defender region and we'll hook you up. And if you're interested in invading and destroying innocent regions, reach out to Kandarin to reserve you a spot at their BBQ because all you'll find on the battlefield is dust, blood, and the sting of defeat.

Wardens Involved (28)
First Warden Grea Kriopia
High Constable Sir Merlin
Chamberlain Haku
Warden-Commander Altmoras
Warden-Commander Tim
Warden-Commander Roavin
Warden-Commander Vincent Drake
Warden-Constable Luca
Warden-Constable Matthew
Warden-Lieutenant Alfonzo
Warden-Lieutenant Hades
Warden-Lieutenant Moon
Warden-Lieutenant Pyrohy
Warden-Lieutenant Quebecshire
Senior Warden Atlantica
Senior Warden Cynder
Senior Warden Eshialand
Senior Warden Merni
Warden EvX
Warden Peter Renwalt
Warden Thatrandomguy
Warden Rom
Warden United Brutusia
Warden Vis
Warden Sovreignry
Guardian The King Isle
Guardian Sandwichs

Valued Friends and Allies
Anti Fairy Pact
00000 A World Power
10000 Islands
The Region that has no Big Banks
The East Pacific
European Union
The Free Nations Region
The League
The Rejected Realms
The South Pacific
The Union of Democratic States
Warzone Sandbox
Salem's Roommate

Region Liberated Twice: The New Order Last days of Europe