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The Constitution of Declansburg

The Constitution of Declansburg

Nations of Declansburg: The founding nations of Yaxopsville and Dux milan have joined New Bradfordsburg in the authorship of a regional constitution, which shall be commissioned for the purpose of creating a prosperous region. This document will give rights and regulate them to balance the competing demands of law & order, freedom, and security.



In the recognition that all nations are created equal, no regional law shall abridge any nation’s right to self-determination regarding domestic laws and legislation.


All provisions in this document shall apply equally to any Member State in Declansburg.


The regional government shall have authority to enforce all articles of this document by appropriate legislation.


Any nation in Declansburg within the World Assembly and registered on Declansburg’s offsite forums shall be considered a Member State and is granted Assembly member status.


In accordance with this Constitution, the Assembly shall have the authority to legislate foreign and domestic policy by passage of general laws, acts and resolutions by simple majority vote, and to appoint regional officers via elections, which shall be scheduled to occur once every six months, or at a date selected by the Prime Minister.


Section I : The Assembly, acting as a Jury, shall have the authority, upon a majority vote, to call and hold a Disputes Tribunal, which shall be presided over by the Judicial Officer.

Section II : The Judicial Officer shall be elected by the Assembly for a term of one year and, once elected, The Judicial Officer shall be awarded all regional officer authorities.

Section III : The Judicial Officer will charge nations in Violation of Regional Law, which are then subject to trial.

Section IV : A charged party is given the right to a fair trial before a Court with the relevant jurisdiction as set out by statute or possessed through inherent jurisdiction.

Section V : The Judicial Officer shall decree the sentencing in the event of any conviction from a guilty verdict from a court or tribunal

Section VI : The Judicial Officer is entitled to delegate any of these authorities to Associate Judicial Officers on the advice of the Attorney General or Founder.

Section VII : The Founder shall have the authority to issue pardons, on the advice of the Judicial officer and Attorney General, to nations convicted in regional tribunals or courts.


Section I : The Assembly shall be presided over by an elected Prime Minister, with authorities of appearance, border control, communications, embassies, and polls, who shall serve jointly as the region’s non-executive WA Delegate during their tenure. The Prime Minister is tasked with implementing the will of the Assembly in matters domestic and abroad.

Section II : The Prime Minister shall serve alongside a Deputy Prime Minister, who shall hold the same regional authorities as the Prime Minister, and shall be elected in the same election cycles as the Prime Minister.

Section III : The Deputy Prime Minister shall take over the duties of Prime Minister in the event that the Prime Minister’s nation is incapacitated until the next scheduled election.


The Assembly may call snap elections for any elected position, at any time, with a majority vote.


Section I : The Founder shall serve jointly as the pontiff of The Dáxlamic Church, with a self-appointed title, and shall only use the authorities granted to The Founder to act in the best interests of Declansburg, in conjunction with the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.

Section II : The Founder shall not serve as Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Minister.

Section III : The Founder may create and act as the appointing authority for no more than two regional officer positions, which shall serve at the pleasure of The Founder in a supporting role defined by The Founder’s Office.

Section IV : Regional officer positions created by The Founder may be constituted or dissolved by the Founder at any time.


The Assembly shall be disbanded if the region’s population sinks to below 10 nations that are considered regional Member States.


Regional Member States are allowed to have an unlimited numbers of puppet nations within Declansburg at any given time but puppet nations may not hold Assembly seats.


The enumeration in this Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the Nations.


No behavior that a reasonable person should consider as wildly inappropriate shall be tolerated in any RMB posts, flags, offsite forums, polls, pinned dispatches, or regional factbook entries.

Addendum: Wildly inappropriate behavior may include, but is not limited to: fascism, committing RP acts of genocide, and excessive brutality. Political rank and/or office shall not be used as an excuse for said behaviors.


Section I : All nations, territories, or governing bodies conducting affairs within this region in good faith must be treated fairly and evenly, whether they be domestic or foreign.

Section II : Failure by any nation to abide by Article XIV, Section I shall allow for a petition to the Assembly by the aggrieved party seeking a tribunal as a complainant and, if applicable, revoking of powers.


This Constitution may be amended upon a two-thirds vote of the Assembly.


The Founder, or the Assembly by majority vote, may designate regions as Protectorate Regions of Declansburg, and shall set the laws so forth.


The Founder, or the Assembly by majority vote, may designate significant historical monuments as World Heritage Regions, and shall set the laws so forth.


All Protectorate Regions and World Heritage Regions shall be granted the ability to self-govern and member states of affiliate regions shall not be considered Member States of Declansburg.


Regional government business shall be conducted onsite, and on the offsite forums, which shall be administered by The Founder.


Section I : The Founder shall appoint a line succession to assume the duties of The Founder, who shall be afforded executive status should the Founder CTE. The line of succession shall be appropriated from The House of Dux Bradford John.

Section II : In the event that an appointed successor cannot assume the duties of The Founder, the line of succession shall be considered broken and the Prime Minister shall assume all duties of The Founder as an executive WA Delegate.


Section I : The Assembly shall have a process to enact laws and new articles.

Section II : The Prime Minister shall set process to enact laws and new articles.

Signed and respectfully submitted for regional approval,

Dux Bradford John of New Bradfordsburg
Paxton The Great of Yaxopsville
Dux Kramillios Wesleon of Dux milan
Prime Minister Arthur Tannenbay of Odinburgh
Afanasiy Ulyanov of Shreminov
The Free Land of Ventica