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Damien Jordan, Chamber Minister of South Olpen

[sidebar][align=center][b]Damien Jordan[/b]
[i][size=75]Official Photo, c. June 2032[/size][/i]
[hr] 28th [b]Chamber Minister of the 2nd 
National Republic of South Olpen[/b]
[hr][b]Assumed Office[/b]
June 1st, 2032[/align]
[b]Chamber Minister in Debilitate[/b][color=white]xxx[/color]Lucrèce Gray

[b]Preceded by[/b][color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color] Gabrielle Sorit
[align=center][b]Olpenese Senator[/b]
[size=75]from the [b]Scezonian Province[/b][/size]
[b]In office[/b]
June 10th, 2022 - June 1st, 2032
[b]Preceded by[/b][color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color] Aaron Bonfils

[b]Succeeded by[/b][color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color]Noella Langlais
[align=center][b]Personal Details[/b][/align][hr]
[b]Born[/b] [color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [/color]Damien Baptist Jordan 
[color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color] May 20th, 1986 [size=65](age 47)[/size]
[color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color] GSP, Scezonia, South Olpen

[b]Political Party[/b] [color=white]xxxxxxxxxxx[/color] Liberal Communist Party





[b]Damien Baptist Jordan[/b] (born May 20th 1988) is an Olpenese politician, currently serving as the 28th Chamber Minister of the Second Olpenese Republic. A member of the Liberal Communist Party, he served as a senator for the Greater Scezonia Area in the 38th Senate of the Second Republic of South Olpen.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Scezonia, Damien Jordan experienced a peaceful life. He was able to study at Kingsbrook College, a highly rated college in Scezonia. He earned a degree in law from the Scezonian Institute of Law, and he went to practice at his uncles firm. As a lawyer, he discovered the inequality and bias in the court system which led him to enter politics. By age 27, he was elected to the Scezonian State Senate where he was an influential official in the Senate. He became the President of the Scezonian State Senate where he developed many successful policies. He was pushed to run for the National Senate by the LibComs, and he won the seat. He was a successful senator and he was made the Chairman of the Committee on Corporate Ethics and Lobbying for 6 years. Jordan attempted to run for the LibDem (predecessor to the LibComs) but failed to be nominated. He continued to served as a senator until the next election, where there was an opening to fill the office of Chamber Minister after Ms. Sorit decided to not run. He achieved a nomination and won the office of Chamber Minister.
As Chamber Minister, Jordan was a hardline socialist and a Machiavellian. He enacted many progressive reforms, as well as many to increase the power of the Olpenese Defense Force. He would authorize budget increase the National Medical Service, a welfare budget increase, as well as restoring the Olpenese Space and Cosmic Discovery Agency (OSCDA), which was dissolved by the Quinn Administration in 2002. He passed the Federal Tax Control Act which gave the Chamber Minister unilateral ability to increase the tax rate by 10 percent, among supplementary ways for the Chamber Minister to exert control over the Federal Treasury Agency and the Tax Service. He supported the Langlais Lumer Act which outlawed civilian gun ownership. Internationally, he presented a Machiavellian