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The Grey Wardens - GG EZ + Big Roster Moves

[i]staring out at vanquished foes, ready to rest if just for a short while[/i]

[box]"You will guard them and they will hate you for it. Whenever there is not a Blight actively crawling over the surface, humanity will do its best to forget how much they need you. 
And that's good. We need to stand apart from them, even if they have to push us away to make us do it. That is the only way we can ever make the hard decisions."[/align][/box]

Goddamn, this is gonna be a tough one to write. Those who fear change are doomed to be mediocre like TBH for eternity, though, so let's just get right into it. 

[u]Effective today, I will be stepping down from my tenure as First Warden of The Grey Wardens[/u]. This decision was actually made back in October, and I had anticipated doing it sooner -  alas stuff happens, certain GP tantrum threads get made, we move. If anything, now feels even more appropriate to do so. On this Thanksgiving, we can be thankful for the success that we've seen, and grow optimistic for the continued success that is to come in the coming year. As we close the curtain on a dominant year and a half of my tenure as First Warden, handing off the torch to a more-than-capable successor, we need only look at [url=https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?p=39166938#p39166938]2021 Defender Awards[/url] to summarize the success that we've seen over the last year. Absolutely cleaning up at the awards, members of The Order took home a majority of the awards, as well as the Anarchotopia Award for Best Organization. The Grey Wardens is larger than it has ever been, more active than it has ever been, and filled with more potential for the future than ever before. All that we've built over the last year and a half shall serve as the framework for even grander success, as we march ever closer to wiping out The Blight and eradicating the Darkspawn.

I want thank The Order for the absolute privilege of serving as First Warden for the last year and a half. I'd like to think we've accomplished quite a bit together don't you think? The Grey Wardens stand immense; displaying a force of over forty active duty troops, the fastest update chasers ever seen, a thriving off-update reserve military, an increasingly gargantuan region with impressive WA member numbers, and a bustling offsite community. This was accomplished by the unified work of so many members, the combined sum of contributions even as small as a Seeker showing up for their first Liberation. Tireless work, and so much time, has gone into the continuous development and redevelopment of our region to be the best version of itself it can be. While I will by no means take credit for the success as a whole, as that would be a disservice to everybody else that has dedicated so much time and skill to making it happen, I will say it has been an absolute pleasure facilitating and enabling this success from my position as First Warden. Being able to see a vision achieved, and work together with so many amazing comrades to make it happen, has been an incredibly satisfying experience. So many regions come and go, flaunting idealistic dreams of grandeur but the lack of commitment and ability to back it up. Not us though - The Order is far from its peak, and we will keep climbing until we reach it. The Blight is far from gone, and it falls to us to ensure that its kindled flames of revival are stamped out. As we take the next step as a region and organization, we look only forwards. As we evolve into our next form, it is with this future-forward mindset that we must embrace change. Not only must we embrace it, but we must yearn it. It is with this in mind that this leadership transition is made, to strengthen The Order as we forge forward.

Before those who cherish me panic, and those who loathe me rejoice, I'm not going anywhere - I have a Power20 to win and a WASC Commendation to earn. Plus, who else is gonna stick around to make sure the Armchair Generals and Patio Privates of GP continue to be put in their place when they try to speak cluelessly on R/D. As we grow more dominant and more successful, it is critical that we diligently combat the growth of complacency in the faction. Many will rest on their laurels, but it is fools who rest before the job is done and we are not fools. So many are still content to preach the message of the faction without contributing any meaningful effort to bolstering our update numbers, which at the end of the day are all that matters when it comes to liberating regions. Those who know me well know that I frequently state on nights with great turnouts that it isn't good enough, or that we can do better. I truly mean that. Worse yet, The Blight is making an annoying little resurgence, and it wouldn't be right to go anywhere before clipping the wings of their swan song.  That false hope which exists in the hearts of those who seek to destroy the world must be stamped out. To win this war, we will need to continue swelling our numbers to heights never seen before. Every little ember of the darkspawn comeback will be stamped out, every pocket of incursion crushed. Until the threat is gone, The Order will stand strong, and I am more than excited to continue to stand alongside my fellow Warden-Commanders. Hell, if anything, this means the shackles that have been binding me for the last year and a half are finally off. I'm honestly reinvigorated, being able to feel less pressure of title/position, and am so excited to work towards all the new initiatives we've got in store. The First Warden term is traditionally only one year for very good reason. To be frank, this burns you out, and a burned out First Warden benefits neither The Order nor The World. However, sometimes there isn't a ready successor at the year mark, and the timeline must be shifted. Thankfully, I continued to close out a term I was hopeful wouldn't stretch past 2021, a clear and obvious successor continued to hone their skill and flex their ability. There is nobody else I would be this comfortable handing off the reigns to, and I am beyond confident that she is going to march us into a prosperous new age.

[b]It is my absolute pleasure to announce First Warden Grea Kriopia.[/b]

The prophecy foretold has been fulfilled, and we move forward into a new era. Just as the last year and a half brought prosperity and success, so shall this subsequent term builds on that and keep our momentum going. While I frankly don't think I need to gas up Grea Kriopia much, as anyone worth their salt in R/D knows that she's absolutely elite, I view it as my responsibility to make clear just what an impressive individual is going to be taking over for me. So basically, if I'm the greatest R/D godgamer to have ever graced NSGP, then Grea Kriopia is the greatest R/D godgamer to have ever graced every universal possibility of NSGP. Sometimes you just meet people on this game who you know are the real deal, some truly elite players, and Grea Kriopia is unquestionably one of those. If The Grey Wardens are gargantuan following my term, they're going to be goddamn interplanetary following hers. Ever since joining The Order, GK has been an indispensable contributor through all aspects of The Order and Defenderdom as a whole. Elite at update, a great organizer of troops, experienced in diplomacy, and even recently having been a major organizer of the annual Liberty Gala event, Grea Kriopia is an insanely talented all-around star who fits the bill for everything we could want in a First Warden. 

In addition [u]Haku will be stepping into the role of Chamberlain the Grey[/u], filling the position vacated by Grea Kriopia's ascension to First Warden. He's been a huge help in assisting in the streamlining and automating of certain aspects of our update records, which as a very expansive numbers-filled affair that usually makes my head hurt. As such, Haku, will be maintaining this effort and thus taking up the role in charge of maintaining the Warden Records within our Command structure.

As we move into the prelude to 2022, it is in this future-oriented mindset that we set ourselves up for success in the months to come. Summer 2022 is nearing closer and closer, and everyone knows that the only way that the TGW Summer 2022 meme comes true is if we eradicate Raiderdom. For those who want to participate in this final eradication of our foe, joining The Order is only a few steps away! [url=https://www.nationstates.net/region=the_order_of_the_grey_wardens]Come Join Us[/url], you know you want to. This especially goes out to all the raiders out there. Why are you still suffering under the doomed path of TBH and LWU? Come support a truly talented organization, with a new leader who is frankly one of the best players this game has seen in years. Join The Grey Wardens, embrace victory, and [b]rejoice the risen First Warden Grea Kriopia[/b]. I'll let her speak for her own behalf beyond this, but I have no doubt that it's gonna be a really fun time, and that The Order has nowhere to go but up moving forward. Cheers guys.

[b]For the last time as First Warden,[/b]

[i]In War, Victory.
In Peace, Vigilance.
In Death, Sacrifice.[/i]

Defender of the Year, Warden-Commander Tim

[size=85]P.S Anyone remember the ADN? Wouldn't it be crazy if... haha jk... I mean unless? [/size]