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Secret Santa 2021!

[b]Signups are closed![/b]
[spoiler=What is the Secret Santa?]
The secret Santa is a event where you can give a virtual gift with someone your paired up with! This can include a poem, story, new flag, cards, and more! It is just a nice thing for the december holidays![/spoiler]
[spoiler=How do I sign up?]
Just TG, quote, or mention me on the rmb that you’d like to sign up for the secret santa. There will currently be a limit of 20 people in the secret santa, but that could be changed if needed[/spoiler]
[spoiler=When can I sign up?]
If you are from [region]just relax[/region] you can sign up from November 22-29, however if you are in another region you can sign up November 25-29. [/spoiler]
[spoiler=How do I send gifts?]
You can TG them to whoever you are paired up with. On December 1st you will get your pairings TGed by me, and can send them to others preferably before Christmas. I would suggest this format:
Dear [nation]
[whatever the gift is]
[holiday message e.g. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!]
Your Secret Santa[/spoiler]
1. [nation]Zarbik[/nation]
2. [nation]Cokoland[/nation]
3. [nation]Maxconian Khal[/nation]
4. [nation]Habianclazia[/nation]
5. [nation]North American Imperial State[/nation]
6. [nation]Sierra Grand[/nation]
7. [nation]Tocan Isle[/nation]
8. [nation]Rivendellfolk[/nation]
9. [nation]Dollystana[/nation]
10. [nation]Ambesia[/nation]
11. [nation]Little St Nick[/nation]
12. [nation]Cerata[/nation]
13. [nation]Celestial Wave[/nation]
14. [nation]The Age of Utopia[/nation]
15. [nation]Cormoe[/nation]
16. [nation]Second Dictators Council[/nation]
17. [nation]Melons[/nation]
18. [nation]Hagston[/nation]
19. [nation]New Kurusau Drumopia[/nation]
20. [nation]Kingdom of Englands[/nation]
[b]If you have any questions you would like me to answer on here please let me know![/b]