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A Tender Farewell.

Dear Callistans, Friends, and Acquaintances;

It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you, that today, I have received some tragic news and I had to go through some tragic events, which has made me reach a conclusion: I will take a long break from the Internet in order to reflect on my own feelings & what I want to do with my life. I did not want to leave without any trail behind me, though, as I know that would be a burden for all of you.
As a farewell message, I will be listing off most of my friends and I shall write something nice about all of you (in no particular order).

Arisyan - you were the first person to come to my mind when I sat on this computer to write this. You have helped me go through a tragic event in the past, and I am so grateful. I know that words will never be able to truly explain my gratitude towards you, which is why I will keep this short. Just know that you will forever have a special place in my heart.

Munie - Honestly? Same as Arisyan. You, too, have helped me go through a lot of events. You're a person I know I can talk to without ever feeling the fear of being judged because I know that you're a great guy. You're one of the few people that I would actually consider "trustworthy".

Baloo Kingdom - You're a great public figure. You are a person the people know they can trust, which cannot be said about me. You're compassionate, empathetic, and analytical. You are also one of the most determined people I've ever seen. I have almost never seen you give up, you've always been there to help your friends - us. I know you will lead Callista to a brighter future. Thank you for being both my idol and my puppet.

Sorianora - Same as Baloo Kingdom. Thanks for being an idol and a puppet.

Dominioan - You're also a great leader. You've helped me push through a lot of my plans, and you certainly are intelligent. I believe you are more cognizant of what's happening around you and what's happening around Callista more than anybody else around here. I know your time will come, and you certainly will have a chance to shine again as a great leader.

Plus Nova Imperii - You have an amazing intuition. You're pretty young, but your factbooks, the way you speak etc. are both so creative and so mature. You will also make a good leader, I know you will.

Ethics Committee of the SCPF - You're a very good friend of mine. You're both funny and surprisingly mature when it comes to serious stuff. We have had a lot of funny little conversations as well. I hope you enjoy your new place in TVE.

Nooooooooooooooo - The funniest guy I've ever met. You're hysterical, you're the person people think about when they hear "Callista". XKI lost a great member when they banned you.

Cerata - Oh, you lovable little rascal... Honestly, as much as I used to hate you, youı're actually a great guy. You can definitely be serious when you want to, it's just that you prefer to be fun to be around. I'm sure you have a great future lying ahead of you.

Messenger A - I don't know a lot about you so far, as you are a new member, but what I do know is that you are an amazing member of Callista. You'll fit in, and you'll rule. You're also funny.

Porymonia - Dear Pory... We have had a lot of emotional moments, a lot of funny moments, and a lot of awkward moments. I shall not talk about those, but I just want you to know that you're a great person. Take care, alright?

Astolfotopia - Oh, my dear Montanity... You're just as funny as Nooooooooooooo. You're fun to hang out with, you're fun to DM in the middle of the night. Hope you don't get banned.

Haruhi Japan - Honestly, I might've never joined BCK if it wasn't for Vincent. I remember how they were one of the first people I talked to when I created this account. Yes, we may argue every once in a while, but I'm grateful. We are also similar in a way.

Zarbik - Zarbik, you're a great leader. You're the IOC version of Baloo Kingdom - I cannot see a lot of differences between the two of you. You're funny, determined, compassionate, logical... you'll lead IOC down a good path, I am sure.

This account, along with all others, will CTE. If S3 ever comes, please find a way to contact me. For now... farewell.

With love,