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The Lazarene Card Guild

The Lazarene Card Guild

Hello there! The Lazarene Card Guild (LCG) is Lazarusí card program. This guide explains what it is, why you should join it, and how the cards game works.

What are cards?

Every time you answer an issue, you have approximately a one-fifth chance of getting a card pack. Each card pack contains 5 cards when opened. All the cards you have are stored in your deck, which you can view here.

All cards are based on a nation that existed during a season. Currently there have only been 2 seasons, season 1 and 2, which came in 2018 and 2019, respectively. It is not known when Season 3 is coming, however, we hope it is soon, and Linkit has even been confirmed it is in the works!

Cards come in different rarities; common, uncommon, rare, ultra rare, epic and legendary. They are decided by various factors, mostly the amount of statistic badges - gold badges meaning the most - on a nation and the amount of other badges (such as Commended/Condemned status, being a game volunteer, WA or Issue Authorships and Founder/Delegate status). When it comes, tools like Linkthis exist to help predict your nationís rarity in Season 3, although it should only be used as an estimate, not definitively.

Can I buy or sell cards if I want a specific one?

Yes, you can! Cards are bought or sold in the market for bank, which is money used for cards. All selling and buying of cards occur in a timed auction, where sellers and buyers compete at the same time. If a bid is higher than or equal to an ask (selling price), a match will be made. If multiple matches are made, then multiple auctions will occur at the same time. The lowest ask and the highest bid will automatically be used for a match. The auction timer will increase by one minute for every ask or sell placed.

Cards can be junked for their lowest, game-given estimation (commons: 0.01, uncommons: 05, rares: 0.10, ultra rares: 0.20, epics: 0.50, and legendaries: 1.00). This works as a fast and reliable way to produce bank; however, never junk a legendary card. You can get way more bank for that card than what is often listed.

The listed, non-junk value (Market Value) of a card is estimated by the 10 most recent auctions of a card. The total market value of all cards in your deck is your ďDeck ValueĒ, which you can view here or alternatively as your NationStat for International Artwork.

Okay butÖ how do people build such large decks!?

The best way to build a large deck is through card farming. Card farming involves making lots (often hundreds) of puppets and regularly answering issues on them, so as to receive lots of cards. There are plenty of tools to make it easier than it sounds. The ideal cycle on how to card farm is as follows:

  • Log into a puppet.

  • Answer each issue.

  • If you got a card pack after answering the issue, open it.

  • Repeat until you go through all issues on that puppet.

  • Junk any cards that are not worth it. Look out for high deck value cards, such as cards with a market value above 5 or have larger standing bids than their junk price. Remember, you should never simply junk a legendary card.

  • Junk any cards that do not have a high Deck Value, do not have a high bid (above 0.5+ for non-legendary cards), you are not collecting and do not have a high rarity (like legendary)

    1. If it has a high Deck Value, it is a card you are collecting, or has a high rarity like legendary, send it to your main nation.

    2. If it has a high bid, send it to your main nation and then put an ask on that card that matches the bid.

  • If you have collected enough bank on your puppet then transfer that bank to your main nation (how to transfer is detailed below)

  • Switch to your next puppet

SoÖ how do you transfer?

The most common ways of transferring are the plain and mass transfer methods, but you should also be informed about the risks during transferring. Whenever you decide to move bank over the market, there is a chance that someone can rob you of your bank, a practice known as heisting, which is further explained below.

For both methods of transferring, you need a transfer card. A transfer card is a low-rarity and, in theory, low-owner card that is used for transferring. If you only have 1 copy of a transfer card, use plain transfer. If you have lots of copies of your transfer cards (at least 5, preferably 10 - 20) then mass transferring is advised.

Note: make sure your transfer card(s) are all owned by the nation you are transferring to.

A plain transfer is the most simple way of transferring bank to the nation you want. You simply need to place a bid on the card that is the amount of bank you wish to transfer from the nation you are transferring bank, and an ask on the nation you are transferring to that is equal to the bid/amount of bank being transferred. This, however, can and is more prone to heisting, and you need to make sure to be alert throughout the transfer, especially at the end, that you are not being heisted.

A mass transfer is good for when you want to transfer bank from lots of puppets at the same time, and is also less prone to heisting (you still have to stay alert throughout the transfer to make sure you are not heisted however). To do this, you need many (at least 5) copies of your transfer card. You should then bid the amount of bank that you are transferring on each respective puppet you are transferring bank on. Then, match all of these bids with asks.

Heisting is the deliberate interception of a card trade. A heister, if they have access to a transfer card that is being used for a live transfer, can underask the transfer-ask and get the bank being transferred, instead of the person transferring. Heisting is generally considered bad form, but you are likely to encounter heisting if you get involved in the cards game.

If you are being heisted, you simply need to underask the heister, but note that some heisters will continue to try to underask you to steal your bank, and you will have to fight back for the entire auction sometimes! Make sure you are watching your transfer at least in the last 3 minutes of your transfer, and be sure to continue to try to underask the heister. Never simply ask .01 on your transfer. Always underask your bid at .01 at a time. Donít drop to the lowest asking price. They will simply match that bid and win.

Can I have as many cards as I can collect in my deck?

Unfortunately, your deck capacity is in fact limited. By default, you will have space for 50 cards in your deck. However, you can increase your deck capacity by paying an increasing amount of bank. The amount of bank necessary to increase your deck capacity is shown below:

Deck capacity (cards)

Cost (bank)



















Note that players with site supporter status (see here) will receive twice the usual deck capacity for the same amount of bank.

So Iím interested in cards now! But what is the Lazarene Card Guild?

The Lazarene Card Guild (LCG) is the cards program of Lazarus, which is designed to help Lazarenes build their decks and get involved in cards. You gain numerous benefits if you join it as a prospective card player. Some of the benefits you get:

  • Other LCG members are not permitted to heist you (or they will get kicked out, that is :P). Yes, free protections from at least some heisters!

  • You can request a free epic card when you join! This would help boost your deck.

  • You can request cards for your collections from other members of the LCG! While they are not obligated to provide cards requested, this can help you build your cards collection without having to buy the cards in the market and be subject to outbidders/heisters.

  • Regular card giveaways will be held to help you build your collections! In other words, a lottery such that all members of the LCG can sign up and gain a copy of a valuable card.

Iím interested! How do I join?

Firstly, you need to join the regional Discord server, found Linkhere. Discord is a chat service similar to IRC that lets you interact with other Lazarenes real-time! If you do not have a Discord account, you will need to sign up Linkhere.

Once you join the Discord server you will need to verify a nation in Lazarus; assuming you have a nation in Lazarus, this should be a relatively easy process. You only need to say >verify somewhere on the Discord server, and the Discord bot Penelope should verify your nation in Lazarus.

Once you have verified a nation in Lazarus, you simply need to click on the reaction role found in the #reception-area channel on Discord. See below:

Are there any scripts or tools to help me in my adventures in the trading cards game?

Yes, there are many! The most important ones are:

  1. LinkThis website, where you can enter queries to search specific cards (for example, cards that you are missing in a collection). LinkThis also exists for more advanced card queries.

  2. LinkThis tool can help you in transferring bank and/or deck value. If you put in a list of nations, it will give you the amount of deck value, bank, number of cards and deck capacity in each puppet! If you choose to input the passwords, it will also tell you the amount of issues and unopened packs you have in each puppet.

  3. LinkThis script can help speed up issue answering a lot. It can be very tricky to set up, and also requires setting up this, but once you set it up, you only need to spam the enter key to card farm!

  4. LinkThis can be used to predict your nationís approximate rarity in Season 3, but the predicted rarity may differ from the actual rarity! This tool is still being developed, however, and the method that rarities are calculated in Season 3 may be different to that in Season 2.

Note that if you are going to develop your own scripts, there are rules on how all NS scripts should function. Most importantly, you, a human (or non-human animal, if you are one, like me 🦕) must push a button to do an event. The only exceptions to this is automating API use, which is permitted. This also means that scripts that do card-related actions (such as junking, gifting if not done through the API, opening packs etc) are forbidden, as per this and this. Note that answering issues through the API, which is legal even if done automatically, will not spawn packs.

Guide written by Lazarene dino and Debussy