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The Bill of Rights of Cadmia

The Bill of Rights for all Nations of Cadmia

  1. The Constitutional Kingdom of Cadmia shall recognize the sovereignty of all its member nations, and not infringe the rights of any. Every sovereign state has the right to determine its path, regarding domestic policy, foreign policy or World Assembly voting.

  2. Cadmia respects, tolerates, and grants the right of free speech to all its sovereign Nations. This includes the rights to free press, spread anti-government media, and express any view of the region, its government, and its people alike.This only provides when the respective commentator does not infringe the rights of others, show non-tolerance to personal privacy, spread hateful speech, break personal privacy, and does not spread content that may cause widespread offence. Other requirements may be established by law, or rules that are established by the main game, besides the standing rules that will be tolerated by the Cadmian Kingdom under any circumstances (no exclusions or changes may be added to this section, even when established by law, or the proper jurisdiction).

  3. Every Nation of Cadmia is granted the permanent, free, and eternal right to express, spread, and follow, or not follow at all, a religion of their independent choice.

  4. Participation in any authority of the region, its entities, or political activities is fully up to choice, and an option to every sovereign and independent Nation of the region.

  5. No Nation of Cadmia that is a memeber of the World Assembly shall be obligated to endorse any official or government authority of the region. The right to add or withdraw an endorsement is a sovereign right of that Nation as a WA member.

  6. Each Nation entitled to a vote is guaranteed the right to cast ballot in a free and legal election.

  7. Each Nation that meets the legal requirements is entitled to run in any legal, and free election.

  8. Each Nation that meets the legal requirements has the right to be appointed, or appoint, regional officers as established by law.

  9. All Nations of Cadmia have the right to be protected against the abuse of powers by any official or government authority of the region in accordance with the Constitution.

  10. No Nation shall be discriminated against in any poll, ballot, election, or court of law. The consequences for discrimination will be established by law.

  11. The power of ejection and banning a Nation from the region may not be granted or exercised unless expressly authorized pursuant to the Constitution or regional laws. Every ejected or banned Nation has the right to file for a judicial review, or appeal, in their case.

  12. No Nation shall be held to answer for a crime in a manner not prescribed by the Constitution or the regional laws. No Nation may be twice charged with the same crime, in the same case.

  13. Every Nation has the right to an impartial public trial before a neutral judicial officer. All Nations have the right to have an attorney hired on the courtís expense if the defence can not provide for one.

  14. No authority, rank, or foreign power has the right to completely scrap the Constitution or the Bill of Rights without the proper requirements listed in the Constitution, with the Bill of Rights not being removed, nor edited from, only added on to.

    Co-authored by Nubt II and Cadmy

    The Cadmian Ministry of Media

The Community of Founder of Cadmia