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It all began like this...

I will tell the tale of the UK war....
So... Our nation was a happy nation. We lived in peace and barely ever fought wars UK, most of mainland UK was our home. One bad bad day Vestra-Sverige Was building factories and lingering closer and closer onto our land. We thought nothing of it until we could see them over the horizon. So we just attacked vestra and they (not surprisingly they beat us) I am very sure that vestra felt bad for us so they sent us a peace offering. We accepted, but out generals were not very smart so they were like ohhhh lets betray them and attack. So we did. We killed half of their army and gained a tiny bit of land, We were very very happy with this but we knew that vestra would be lurking in our shadows forever...

Ill tell the rest of it next week!

Time to do this >:)

A few years after the war Nitrana AND The Cavic Gothics truced, we called it bullying vestra sverege lol we traded 100k cavic money for bone tank blueprints we were unstoppable and cavic was rich, with nitrana we never really did any trades, but we protected them 89%
but oh oh oh we were inventing a new heli called CVC32 and it was unstoppable, electromagnetic waves pushed bullets aside, there were the nerfed version of tsar bombas in there and we were winning the war until... Zoiuf stepped in she protected vestra, almost like a mother to vestra and attacked us that was a bad idea because we are costal, and we use airforce so we zoomed over them and attacked their land... what comes after is to be waited...

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Lasaian Communist Press
Communist Newspaper by Communist Workers Union

Lasaian Communist Press

Communists won Election!

Comrades, the communist party won the current elections in our region, we won the majority. This shows that the workers won and will win the elections, however Vestra, who betrayed our workers' party and made his own party, however, we will not give up! Long live Marxism!

Under Communism region is more active?

Our region is becoming more and more active? Under the communist government, lasai becomes more and more active thanks to the government, communist and founder of our region.

No Crime!

The Judiciary, the Communist Government has established the Judiciary in our region, there will be no justice for theft, and for the capitalists!


“Freedom only for the members of the government, only for the members of the Party – though they are quite numerous – is no freedom at all. Freedom is always the freedom of the one who thinks differently. Not because of any fanatical concept of justice, but because all that is instructive, wholesome and purifying in political freedom depends on this essential characteristic, and its effectiveness vanishes when ‘freedom’ becomes a special privilege.”
― Rosa Luxemburg

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