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Getting Started in Chaylia





Getting Started in Chaylia

Who We Are

The Republic of Chaylia is a group of players who believe in the ideas of democracy, want to see each other thrive, and generally are about building an engaged and wonderful community. We also like to have fun, so we worldbuild, conlang, and roleplay with each other with our wiki and Discord server as primary methods of doing so.

How to Get Started

Step one to getting started in Chaylia is to join the World Assembly. Some may say that it leads to decreased national sovereignty, but they'd be wrong. The only effect on your nation from joining is some minor stat changes that can easily be reversed by answering issues, but the upsides are amazing. You can gain lots and lots of influence, which is a measure of how respected your nation is, and has significant in game effects. Joining the World Assembly also allows you to endorse nations, which helps them gain influence faster, and selects the World Assembly Delegate for the region. The World Assembly Delegate is very important to Chaylia because we're a founderless region, which means our WA Delegate is responsible for the security of the region, and running everything.

So go ahead! Join the World Assembly now! Once you click the button on this page, go to your email and click on the confirmation email. It's that easy! But as a reminder, you can only have one nation in the World Assembly at a time.

Step two is to endorse our Delegate, who as mentioned earlier, is the main guardian of Chaylia. You should also think about endorsing all your regionmates who are also in the World Assembly. Build that influence fortress!

Step three is to join our regional discord, or introduce yourself on our regional message board! We want to get to know you, after all!

And that's it! Welcome to Chaylia!