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Vote For SC resolution Condemn Dalimbar

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[box][size=150][color=#265780]Resolution at Vote: [url=/page=sc]Condemn Dalimbar[/url][/color][/size]
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[size=150][color=#265780]Resolution Analysis[/color][/size]
This resolution seeks to issue a formal Condemnation of Dalimbar, a nation that has engaged in subversive activities against numerous regions, most notably for this Ministry The North Pacific itself. Their acts of subversion against The North Pacific were carried out over a prolonged period of time, and spanned from triumphing in February of 2007's Delegacy elections through manipulating public opinion by making it appear as though their counterpart Emperor Matthuis had carried out a coup against the incumbent Delegate, to assisting the January 2008 coup perpetrated by Westwind; where Dalimbar served as commander of the newly established Crimson Order's military. Other notable acts of manipulation, subversion, and outright aggression that Dalimbar engaged in include the creation of Empire, the notorious region-couping cabal, and their declaration of war against nearly every feeder and sinker region following Empire's coup of The East Pacific. 

The resolution establishes Dalimbar's treacherous, vicious misdeeds in their fully twisted glory. Especially of grave concern by this Ministry are Dalimbar's multiple villainous acts perpetrated against our own region, which we recognize as machinations of a particularly cunning nature given our utter helplessness at the time to their actions. The gall demonstrated by Dalimbar through their declaration of interregional war- no doubt amplified in its severity by the fact that Dalimbar orchestrated this action through a false identity - is particularly disturbing to us. As such, it is fitting that the Security Council issues a Condemnation against Dalimbar for the cunning devices employed against the interregional community across many years. For the above reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote [b]For[/b] the Security Council Resolution at vote, "Condemn Dalimbar".

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