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The Centralist Meritocratic Party


[center][font=cambria][size=180][b]The Centralist Meritocrats[/b][/size][/font]
[i][size=90]"Our future lies in our past”[/size][/i]


Our government is a joke. It preforms no function, lets roleplay die constantly, and is controlled entirely by a pseudo-cult mafia organization known as the Baloominati. (all hail) It only causes conflict and fighting, and has often been the root cause of controversy that results in broken friendships and sadness for all. Abolishing it is the only solution to the regions troubles, and letting the region descend back into the classical society of Tavernian and old Vincence founder meritocracy. [/box]

[box][b][size=120]Government and Meritocracy[/size][/b]

TVK did not fail because of the system of meritocracy. People thought worthy by the founder were given officer roles, and the region functioned normally. Rather it was the fact that many became disillusioned with it-and not without reason. Absolutely no offense meant, but Vincent had become, for a lack of a better word, mean. The founder figure was not in its ideal state, and the region failed. But in Callista, the iron foundations of the relationships between Sorianora and the populace have been through much hardship, and Sori does not act as if the position of “Tsar” has changed them at all, making them perfect for a meritocratic position. Thus I propose the system of Founder Meritocracy:

-The founder will choose regional officers 

-There is no set roles or number required, any roles can be made by the founder

-The populace shall vote upon these nominations 

-Citizenship could be abolished if the populace deems it unnecessary thanks to return of most of the power to the founder

-Roleplay has no regulation, the person who decides to start it can moderate it or choose moderators [/box]

[box][b][size=120]The Baloominati[/size][/b]

The Baloominati is an overarching organization that has grown larger than the already weak government. Baloo’s pseudo-cult is the premier organization in the region, and has even spread to our neighbors in the Institute of Cellulose. This is not a bad thing. The portrayal of the Baloominati as an evil organization by the CPP is unfair. The Baloominati has created one of the best activity drivers in the region, created some of the funniest moments on the RMB, and has even inspired builds on the regional Minecraft server. The Baloominati should simply be left on its own. [/box]


The roleplay that once’s graced BCK and TVK is dead in Callista. Constant efforts by the failure of a government have done nothing to help that fact. This shows the inability to make change in region who’s premier focus is political scheming like ours. In regions like TVE and the old TVK and BCK, roleplay evolved naturally as something to do within the region. The core gameplay of NS isn’t great, but our roleplay spiraled out into some of the most fun we’ve had in our regions. Abolishing the government, and consequently the biggest controversy driver and attention stealer (outside of the Baloominati, but it is a positive influence there), means that roleplay will hopefully develop once again for the reasons mentioned above. [/box]


Essentially, we want to abolish the government because it does nothing but cause controversy and fighting. Our plan consolidates power but lowers the need to use it since the abolishing of government should hopefully bring back a sense of community that has been suppressed from its full state, only being truly shown by the freedom provided by the Baloominati. [/box]

Dominioan and Galactic Powers[/box][/center]

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