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The big brains constitution

By the signing of this document by the founder of [region]big brains[/region], The Skillist Republic of [nation]Salessll[/nation], all of the acts and laws that come with this constitution are part of [region]big brains[/region] law:

[region]big brains[/region] will have a password unless the constitution is changed which will be shown different types of nations in different circumstances. These are: Stage 1, where all nations in [region]big brains[/region] will know the password. Stage 2, where all nations that have sworn the pledge of allegiance will be sent a telegram saying the new password. Stage 3, where the regional PM, WA delegate and the founder will know the password. And stage 4, where only the founder will be the only one who knows the password. If a puppet nation in [region]big brains[/region] has a password that the owner of the nation forgot, for security reasons and because I donít want to have inactive nations filling up the region they will be ejected from the region.

Given that having an election for the regional PM every month or so takes up a lot of effort, and election of 1 day will be called if anyone sends [nation]Salessll[/nation] a telegram of posts on the [region]big brains[/region] RMB that they are unhappy with the regional PM and want a new one; however you cannot do this if you lost the election, and so that people don't spam the election they must at least 3 weeks apart unless given approval by the parliament. If the regional PM ceases to exist, moves out of [region]big brains[/region] or resigns then a 3 day election will be held with the winner becoming the new regional PM. Puppet nations, as well as someone voting for themselves will not count.

Also given that people in [region]big brains[/region] becoming officers is a threat to regional security, if any member nation of [region]big brains[/region] wants to be an officer they [b]MUST[/b] swear the pledge of allegiance on the RMB and if they break that then [nation]Salessll[/nation] will either ban them for a period of time, with their officer role removed or just having their role removed as a warning.

As [region]big brains[/region] needs a government, all officers and [nation]Salessll[/nation] are all members of the regional Parliament, which can meet to do things to big brains law, including changing this constitution. The parliament will only have meetings when someone calls for it, unless it is an emergency meeting the meeting will occur 1 hour after announcement. if a MP (Member of Parliament) is not at the meeting it will still go ahead, though meetings need 3 or more people to start. For the constitution to be changed all MPs must be at the meeting, then a vote will be called, as long as the majority is of 2 or more MPs then it will change the constitution. 

The federal Federal Republic of [nation]Salessll[/nation]