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Chaylia Roleplay Dispatch


[align=center][b]Table of Contents[/b][/align]
[url=#CLIRS]Claim Rules[/url]
[url=#CURR]Current Map[/url]
[url=#TEMP]Temperature Map[/url]
[url=#RROUT]Rivers and Routes[/url]
[url=#COORD]Coordinate Grid[/url]
[url=#EXMP]Example Claim[/url]
[url=#CELL]Cell Grid[/url]
[url=#BLNK]Blank Map for Claims[/url]

[align=center][size=200]Map Claim Rules[/size][/align]
[i]This document is the first draft of general RP and map claim rules. As time passes, and our region grows, there will be corrections, additions and revisions.[/i] 
[list=1][*][b][u]About the Map[/u][/b]
[list=i][*]All official maps in Chaylia shall be posted in this dispatch.
[*]These maps will be updated routinely by the roleplay staff.
[*][b][u]Claim Rules[/u][/b]
[list=i][*]The size of a territory claim is restricted to 40-50 cells as represented by the example claim map in the dispatch.
[*]Roleplay staff may approve larger claims on a case-by-case basis.
[*]There must be a roleplay explanation for larger claims.
[*]All claims must be approved by the roleplay staff.
[*]It is generally advised to stick to a single landmass (aka continent and island) while claiming territory, although it is possible for one nation to claim territory of several landmasses if they are in a close proximity to one another.[/list]
[*][b][u]How To Claim[/u][/b]
[list=i][*]To claim land you must contact one of the roleplay staff through telegrams, Direct Message on Discord, or posting in the #roleplay_claims channel under the Roleplay category on the Discord server.
[*]Your message must include:
[list=a][*]An identification of what territory you wish to claim and your nation capital, by marking it on the claims map.
[*]Name of your nation, name of your capital.
[*]Brief RP description of your nation. (What itís famous for, exports your country has, the military, etc.)[/list]
[*]Upon receiving and reviewing your application the moderators will either accept or deny your claim .
[list=a][*]Moderators can (and will) deny your claim if the application is violating one of the above rules or if the territory has already been claimed by a different nation.[/list]

[align=center][size=200]Current Map[/size][/align]


[align=center][size=200]Temperature Map[/size][/align]

[align=center][size=200]Rivers and Routes[/size][/align]

[align=center][size=200]Coordinate Grid[/size][/align]

[align=center][size=200]Example Claim[/size][/align]

[align=center][size=200]Cell Map[/size][/align]

[align=center][size=200]Blank Map for Claims[/size][/align]