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M-32 "Oppenheimers Legacy"

"Oppenheimers Legacy"[/align][/b][/color][/background-block][/size]

[Align=center][size=75][i]Sketch work of the missile soaring over the clouds[/i][/size]
[HR][b]Type:[/b] Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
[b]Place of origin:[/b] South Olpen, New Feildland 
Specialised Rocket Construction Site[/align]

[size=115][background-block=#BFFFFF][color=#2b2b2b][b][align=center]Service history[/align][/b][/color][/background-block][/size]

[align=center][b]In service:[/b] 2032-present (Original Varient), 
2032-present (M-32 EUV)
[b]Used by:[/b] Olpenese Rocket Defense Force[/align]

[Align=center][b]Designed:[/b] From 2032
[b]Manufacturer:[/b] Secretive Air Force
Construction Office[/align]

[Align=center][b]Mass: [/b]506,800 kg
[b]Length:[/b] 78.9 m
[b]Diameter:[/b] 9.04 M
[b]Warhead: [/b] 10 GT
[HR][b]Engine:[/b] GR-965 Hydrogen 2 Nuclear Engine
[b]Operational Range: [/b]24,700-28,900 km
[b]Guidance system: [/b] H-21 Autonomous 
Guided Missile System
[b]Accuracy: [/b] 170-7,800
[b]Launch Platform: [/b]Silo[/align][/box][/floatright]
The M-32 codenamed "Oppenheimers Legacy" is a classification of 10 intercontinental ballistic missiles and 3 space launch vehicles designed by South Olpen in response to Laka Strolistandilers missile tests of a similar yeild. So far only one variation has been made of the missile, but it is generally considered to be only be minor differences and therefore they are commonly merged into one. It is able to carry 2 warheads of 5 gigatonnes each. As is policy, the missile is never to be used for a first strike and is mostly seen as a dead hand. That means, when the nation has been bombarded by enemy rockets, the missile is launched to avenge the nation.
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The secrets surrounding the bomb are deep and widespread, as the government highly fears terrorists finding, taking, and launching the weapons as well as other nations condemning South Olpen for keeping a bomb that could destroy humanity after the 2032 Terrorist Crisis. The only fact that was intentionally unredacted was the amount of security surrounding the missiles, with, purportedly, 250,000 men and woman guarding the bomb at all times.

Development of the M-32 began in 2032 as a response to Lakan missile, and was designed by the Olpenese Rocket Force in New Feildland Military Center. The first Chief Designer was Albert Fornhat, however he resigned in only 3 months as he stated "the psychological toll of knowing what I was building and why, it was all too much for me". Following that, Dr. Howard Richardson was appointed as Civilian Chief of the project serving alongside the Military Chief, Corporal Jacque Wilson. The first test of the project was of a 50 MT bomb in the north most colonial island in TKI. After that, development was publicized to Meretica. That was the last test to take place on Earth, with the next test taking place in space, this test was of 2.5 GT and was released to the world shortly thereafter. A few years later, a full model has been completed and more are currently being built

The M-32 missile is a modular system with 3 versions; a rocket designed to be shot from Rocket Force sillos, a rocket that is meant to be dispensed from planes flying above a nation, and a submarine launch missile that can be launched from submarines to coastline cities. The rocket is designed to be able to destroy a continent with one strike.