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Joint Dispatch on The Black Hawks Espionage

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[b][size=150]Joint Statement on The Black Hawks Espionage[/size][/b][/align]

During the major update on 25 July, The Black Hawks raided Nasunia, a peaceful trade-focused roleplaying region, using underhanded tactics. Through one of their agents, Miravana, The Black Hawks infiltrated the Ten thousand Islands Treaty Organization (TITO) to gain the trust of its members, ultimately taking advantage of cross-endorsements from TITO to seize the delegacy in Nasunia. Miravana performed this infiltration by utilizing a burner Discord account and puppet nation under the alias of Norman Hollow. Once Miravana exposed their deception through the raid of Nasunia, 10000 Islands swiftly banned them from the region.

The Black Hawks carried out the raid of Nasunia with the support of the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army (EPSA). 10000 Islands and the South Pacific share a respect for The East Pacific's sovereign right to use offensive force according to its laws and customs and consistent with its treaty obligations. In this case however, The East Pacific's actions would constitute a violation of Article III, Section 2(b) of The Treaty of the Waxing Moon between 10000 Islands and The East Pacific. Despite this, it is abundantly clear that The East Pacific was unaware that The Black Hawks used espionage and deception against 10000 Islands in their raid against Nasunia. When The East Pacific was informed about the ploy, the ESPA promptly withdrew from the raid, leaving The Black Hawks-installed delegate in Nasunia with fewer endorsements.

During the minor update on 25 July, the combined efforts of the South Pacific Special Forces (SPSF) and TITO, including our mutual allies the Rejected Realms Army (RRA), our mutual embassy partners in The League, The Order of the Grey Wardens (TGW), and Thaecia, and militaries like The West Pacific Armed Forces (TWPAF) pursuing their sovereign interests to take military action against The Black Hawks, successfully liberated Nasunia. The Coalition of the South Pacific and 10000 Islands commend all of the militaries that participated in the liberation and The East Pacific for withdrawing from the raid.

The Black Hawks carried out these acts with flagrant disregard for the foreign affairs commitments of The East Pacific to 10000 Islands, perhaps even hoping that The Treaty of the Waxing Moon would become nullified by the events of Nasunia. However, The Black Hawks' efforts were insignificant and have backfired. Due to the long history of mutual respect and trust between 10000 Islands and The East Pacific, 10000 Islands was more than willing to approach discussions with The East Pacific in good faith and acknowledge that The East Pacific did not possess foreknowledge of the espionage committed by The Black Hawks. Any violations of Article III, Section 2(b) of The Treaty of the Waxing Moon by The East Pacific were unintentional and will not result in sanctions. As a longstanding ally by treaty to both 10000 Islands and The East Pacific, the South Pacific has concluded the same.

We condemn them for their apparent attempt to interfere in the foreign affairs of sovereign regions by providing incomplete operational information to The East Pacific.


Delegate of 10000 Islands

Jay Coop (Qvait)
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the South Pacific