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10KI Update - June 2021

10000 Islands Emissary Report

Date: June, 2021
Population: 1099 nations
Delegate Endorsement: 353
Forum: Link10000islands.proboards.com
Discord: Linkdiscord.gg/4uWZbNS

TITO Command

Has your region been invaded, or do you want to get in touch with TITO? If so, contact one of the following nations:
~Chief Executive: Hakketomat
~Field Commander: Kanta Hame
~Tactical Officers: Shy Guyia, Smugglers and Mercs (TITO EF), Controlitia, Wischland, Sulenia, Flying Eagles
~Executive Officers: HN67, Eastern New England


As of this report's publication, the Government of 10000 Islands consists of:
~Chief Executive: Hakketomat
~WA Delegate: Wischland
~Senior Senator for Himes West (RP): Zaberaz Hapang
~Senator for New Republica South (Debates and Discussions): Valentian Elysium
~Senator for Lyonnesse East (Houses): Kohnhead
~Senator for Blue Canaria North (Emissary Report): Porflox
~Minister of Education: Free las pinas
~Minister of Labor: Wille-Harlia
~Minister of Immigration: Margaux

Information about other government officials of 10000 Islands can be found Linkhere.

Taco-Tater Treaty Ratified

10000 Islands has officially ratified the Taco-Tater Treaty with our long-time friends over at Spiritus! The treaty represents both regions recognition of our mutual defender values, continued good relations, and social ties through cultural events. Following ratification by XKI's Council of 9 and the Executive Government and Legislature of Spiritus, the treaty serves to recognize the close relations and create and official alliance between the two regions. You can read the treaty and learn more about it here.

Around the Islands

~ Gonggong was named Featured Nation of July this month! Since their arrival to XKI in early April, Gong has become a prolific spreader of positivity across the region. They've also been very active in A Taco Archipelago roleplay, rising to 13th place with total post count in just 2 months! If you'd like to read the full story, click here.

~ July's Poet Laurate has been declared! Liberdon's Elastic has won the contest with 8 votes, with Valentian Elysium's Over the Hills close behind at 6! You can read both Linkhere.

~ The XKI Cards Co-Op held its first ever Epic Cards Bonanza, where contestants could help replenish our region's epic stockpile! The top 4 nations (Thedairos at 219 cards, HumanSanity with 51, 10000 pythons sending 50, and Wischland at 27) all received valuable legendary cards at the end of the event. Thanks to everyone who participated in helping our region! If you'd like to read more about this, click Linkhere.

~ Sulenia and AxeCapital have been hired to be deputy Minister of Labor and Senator for Blue Canaria North, respectively. Free las pinas has also been selected to represent XKI as emissary to Warzone Sandbox and The Western Isles.

Islander Achievements

~ East Asia and the Pacific Islands has completed their second A Taco Archipelago banner art! Following their first banner here, they've been busy improving their art. The second banner can be found here.

~ Venmere's fourth Peregrine Cup has completed, seeing The Republic of Osea taking home the win this time around, beating out hosts Mat She in the finals. You can read all of Venmere's commentary on the finals here. If you're interested in the group stages and semi finals, you can check them out here.

XKI Game-Side

Regional pollster Jabberwocky asked islanders the ever divisive question, What is your favorite type of chocolate this month. This poll clearly generated interest with a total of 134 responses. 57 votes (42.54%) went to Milk Chocolate, 40 votes (29.85%) to Dark (senisweet) Chocolate, and 27 votes (20.15%) to white chocolate.

XKI reached into its bag of secrets this month, and pulled out a few ringers!
~ Boiling alive. Plz send help.
~ Spooky scary Jabberwocky.
~ The amazing rage quitting Covid.
~ Those are the wrong elements!
~ The plot thickens...

Meet The Nation

This month our XKI Update Staff sat down with June's featured nation Gonggong to talk about their time here in 10000 Islands.

Porflox: Alright, let's get started! First off, is there a particular thing about XKI that convinced you to stay?

Gong stay in the XKI because there are many nice people that Gong have come across that make Gong happy! :D

Porflox: Gong, you're known for your trademark happiness and positivity. Is there a specific conversation that you had a lot of fun engaging in.

Gong: Gong had many funs in all conversation! If Gong had to pick one, Gong would say that the conversation Gong like most was the very first time that Gong talk with the The Wires Empire! The Wires Empires were very nice to Gong! :D

Porflox: What was that conversation about?

Gong: It was when Gong just joined A Taco Archipelago! The Wires Empire was first nation that Gong had full conversation with! Wires was talking about how Wires wanted to bomb Gong, but eventually Wires no longer wanted to hurt Gong! :D

Porflox: If you could talk to your younger self about 10KI RP and ATA, what would you say?

Gong: Gong would say to not be afraid to make post on XKI! Gong were very embarrass to make post so it took a little time for Gong to do it! :D

Porflox: Cool! Thanks for your time :)

Gong: Gong are very welcome! :>

Until next month, your XKI Update Staff is signing off!
Porflox and AxeCapital