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How I spent my time here

Founder of the [url=page=dispatch/id=1431965]Augustin Alliance[/url] and all its member regions and branches
[spoiler=[region=Cape of Good Hope]]
Peak population: 446 nations
Peak delegate votes: 127
#20 UCR for influence
[spoiler=[region=Conch Kingdom]]
Peak population: 990 nations
Peak delegate votes: 276
#5 UCR for influence
[spoiler=[region=Lands End]]
Peak population: 521 nations
Peak delegate votes: 144
#11 UCR for influence
Peak population: 193 nations
Peak delegate votes: 55
#47 UCR for influence
[spoiler=[region=Joint Task Force]]
Destroyer of [region=Union of the Fascist Nations], largest Nazi/fascist region in the world, and its successors (led operation conducted with other organizations)
Destroyer of [region=US Military], a moderate-sized raider region with an active founder and non-executive delegate (led operation conducted with other organizations)
Destroyer of [region=Union of Confederate Regions], a major region formerly owned by a DOS child predator, and its outlying regions (led operation conducted with other organizations)
Destroyer of most AA splinter regions
Defender of many others

Owner of the Augustin Alliance Discord server
[tab=30][/tab]#3 largest NS-based server (peak membership: 950)
[tab=30][/tab]2800+ daily human messages in 2021
[tab=30][/tab]Fully-automated government, military, moderation, utility functions

Supreme Allied Commander of the Augustin Alliance N-Day faction
[tab=30][/tab]3x 1st place ([url=page=nday_archive1]1[/url], [url=page=nday_archive2]2[/url], [url=page=nday_archive5]5[/url])
[tab=30][/tab]1x 3rd place ([url=page=nday_archive4]4[/url])
[tab=30][/tab]1x last place ([url=page=nday_archive3]3[/url])
[tab=30][/tab]Only faction to win more than once; highest combined score across all iterations of the event, despite setting a record for radiation in N-Day 3

Creator of [url=page=dispatch/id=976056]NS Leaders[/url] (originally NS Founders)
[tab=30][/tab]Owner from Feb '18 to Sep '19
[tab=30][/tab]Admin from Sep '19 to Oct '21
[tab=30][/tab]Representation of 300+ regions, 80k+ nations
[tab=30][/tab]Fully-automated weekly questions, recruitment, eligibility enforcement, role management, dispatch updating

Creator of [url=page=dispatch/id=1257698]AugustinAndroid v2[/url]
[tab=30][/tab]8k+ current unique users, 300+ servers (NS only)
[tab=30][/tab][url=page=dispatch/id=1560090]LEX Stock Exchange[/url]: public stock exchange that allows players to buy and sell shares of NS regions, transfer game currency, track performance history, and compete on leaderboards; stock prices are calculated throughout the day, based on statistical measures of regional performance, stock demand, and investor confidence
[tab=30][/tab][url=page=dispatch/id=1172824]NSVerify[/url]: the only global auto-roling and security system for NS; currently tracking 17k+ verified nations
[tab=30][/tab][url=page=dispatch/id=1297396]NSNexus[/url]: the only cross-server communications system for NS, used for WA voting blocs, N-Day factions, global news releases, and more; 150+ connected servers
[tab=30][/tab][url=https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=480846]Watchlist[/url]: the only NS community-run database of dangerous players and spambots; proactively warns admins of their movements
[tab=30][/tab]Backups: a system that can save regular snapshots of a server and fully restore it if it is destroyed; unknown number of servers recovered
[tab=30][/tab]NS Suite: fast and easy generation of activity graphs, aggregate statistical graphs, and raw CSV data for regions and the world; recruitment queue graphs and data; endorsement and endo-swapping lists, delegate ranking lists, worldwide region rankings/comparison charts; info retrieval for nations, regions, the world, and the WA

Author of the [url=page=dispatch/id=968134]Reference Desk[/url]
[tab=30][/tab]About Endorsements
[tab=30][/tab]About Influence
[tab=30][/tab]Basics of Military Gameplay
[tab=30][/tab]Basics of Region-Building
[tab=30][/tab]Illustrated Guide to Recruiting
[tab=30][/tab]NationStates Pages
[tab=30][/tab]Regional Controls Documentation

[tab=30][/tab]Wrote script for processing members and showcases for UCR Con '19 and '20
[tab=30][/tab]Wrote script for fairly allocating WA votes for the United Regions Alliance
[tab=30][/tab]Wrote script for N-Day nation management for select factions
[tab=30][/tab]Wrote script for mass-uploading of nation flags
[tab=30][/tab]Wrote script for operating Karma's rotating channel and preserving its history
[tab=30][/tab]Wrote script for ranking Thalassia's top endorsers
[tab=30][/tab]Created an [url=page=dispatch/id=1502786]automatically-updating list of regions[/url], ranked by delegate voting power
[tab=30][/tab]Created an [url=page=dispatch/id=1502787]automatically-updating directory[/url] of regional Discord servers