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Snowflame for Prime Minister | July 2021




Hiya! I'm Snowflame and this is my campaign for Prime Minister. This campaign is not just MY campaign, it is the campaign for those who don't want to see the same ideas, most of which have not succeeded, plague Thaecia for another 4 months. That is why this campaign is a movement for everyone across the entirety of the Thaecia political spectrum.
Throughout my time in Thaecia I have served as the only Speaker of the House to have run 3 times unopposed. I have served as Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister. I have served as Deputy Justice Minister. I have served as Senator and as a Senior Diplomat ever since around the time it was established. I am also the current Chief Justice of the High Court. So as you can see, I have a lot of experience!

Yay! A manifesto, this time for the Prime Miniser election that is coming up! The Snowflame campaign wants to opportunity to fix many parts of Thaecia that are currently damaged, create new opportunities for newcomers, and enhance the experience that people have while in Thaecia.

The main issue with Thaecia is that it is struggling to retain newer residents, and so the Snowflame Administration will create Operation T.E.A.R (Thaecia Emergency Advancement towards Recruitment) Week 1 of the term. It will be a plan to raise more awareness towards Manual Recruitment and establish incentives towards those who participate. After all, Manual Recruitment is the best method to recruit, when you have individuals present and excited to recruit, how might that come about? Through the advancement of the recruitment lottery's foundation set in the last term with fun and exciting prizes at the end of the term and week involving RO positions to avatar changes. Another aspect to such a plan is in creating groupchats on Discord involving nine recruiters at most with the Minister or other recruitment-involved individual to keep note, in which this group will recruit with an easily notifiable presence all while involved in a little bureaucracy of ranks and light-hearted dares or activities in a team!

A Snowflame Administration is aware that another issue is that newcomers are leaving. So we have a solution. Although there are similar factbooks, we want to further detail all of the positions and events that are available in Thaecia and will encourage those who want to participate that they CAN be successful anywhere (Whether its as a staffer, a recruiter, or a soldier of the military). The issue is that many people want to be "well-known" as soon as possible and feel as if they cannot unless they are a member of Congress immediately. We need to change this perspective and a Snowflame admin will do exactly that.

A Snowflame Administration will not create a ministry or department that works on the issue of "education" seeing it as a needless position. Instead, the Home Affairs Ministry will continuously update factbooks that contain up-to-date information on
  • What to do in Thaecia/How to Get Involved

  • How to use/participate in other aspects of Nationstates such as the General Assembly and the Security Council.

  • How to use NS Code.

A Snowflame Adminstration will encourage citizens themselves to work on history factbooks (Due to lack of progress when the government has done it) about Thaecia's history and will incentivize those who contribute.

The Justice Ministry has long been the black sheep of the various ministries in the executive, low in activity, low in excitement - we have seen this happen this term, the one before that, so on and so forth. To that end, I look to introduce with this administration the production of a legislative assessment whenever a new law passes through Congress, giving a crucial task of keeping citizens informed on hurdles or achievements of the laws passed. All the while, the Snowflame Administration will continue to maintain and easily access the Bar Exam, as has been started in the past term.
  • Oversee any potential issues with the Bar Exam and make corrections if needed.

  • Ensure that the Bar Exam is easily assessable to those who want to take it.

  • Introduce legislative assessments by the ministry to note potential legislative conflicts or problems in the law, the constitutionality of the law, what the law enacts.

The Culture Ministry is a very important part of Thaecia, yet is often harmed because of inactivity. To that end, the Culture Ministry is a double-pronged sword, on one hand, you cannot force activities and events onto people each week, but on the other hand, how should someone start activities or fun events? As much as the Culture Ministry has been joked about for absorbing in activities that any two Thaecians are engaged in, that is perhaps the key location in which to bring Culture to activity, in the silly polls of yesteryear or past Culture Minister's mini-events such as quote competitions, which can be mixed around with song reviews or other such combinations. So the Snowflame Administration will do the following:
  • Continue to support the CM and introduce and implement new culture ideas

  • Establish cultural events with our allies.

  • Keep track of what events people do enjoy and don't.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry has long been successful in its present form with many achievements in diplomatic relations, from the multitudes of embassies reviewed to the brand new treaty with Europeia to ties with influential regions once thought far above Thaecia.

Nonetheless, with all these new relations, a new question has come to the fore, are we neglecting older relations in favor of new ones? Should we focus solely on building up existing relations before entertaining new ones? Yes and no, if a region approaches us with an offer to build up ties and engagement between our two regions, we shouldn't reject them out of hand for not enough engagement. After all, new friends across the world are always great! And trying to make events with regions reluctant to hold such events is an uphill struggle in the first place, it isn't necessary to constantly be engaged with an embassy's community to maintain friendship, still, events and interactions will be explored with our old friends from asking ambassadors to share memes and funny stories to more in-depth discussions between regions on topics such as the climate emergency!

Furthermore, on that line of affairs, the focus of ambassadorship should be shifted from lurking in regions for news with nary an interaction to community involvement in the foreign regions with which we hold ties, something not many an ambassador has done with a few more notable exceptions in our ambassadors to Europeia. The way to make this a reality is by making activity an important factor in promotion, where active ambassadors are given opportunities to serve in higher-profile regions, perhaps such as TNP or the upcoming TSP embassy. The reason for this is simple, ambassadors aren’t news messengers. They’re representatives of our culture and behaviors and to represent Thaecia, they have to be active in their regional communities!

The Snowflame Administration supports.

  • The current structure of the Foreign Affairs Ministry,

  • The idea of the Foreign Affairs Council being further involved in issues of Foreign Affairs

  • The present direction of Thaecia Foreign Affairs.

  • Having ambassadors engage with their foreign communities!

The Thaempirial Army has flourished since it's introduction onto the scene not all that long ago, engaging many of us in either piling or the occasional tagging or defending, which coupled with a present lack of apathy towards the institution has allowed its resounding success. To that end, the present direction of the military is a great testament to our ability to stand on our own two feet and make a name for ourselves, this current direction of the Thaempirial Army would be wholly supported by a Snowflame Administration, which pledges to actively partake and not neglect this growing center of activity!
  • The Snowflame Adminstration supports Congress not being involved in operations prior to them happening due to operational security.

New and exciting prospects to look forward to in my administration, from increased communication to increased benchmarks on which to see the progress of the coming term!
  • Town halls every week with either the Prime Minister or the Deputy Prime Minister.

  • Working on ways to involve more newcomers in Executive Affairs!

  • Climate Emergency Speech (with special guest speakers)!

  • Speak to Congressional leaders about the possibility of an internship program for Congress in order to maintain retention in Thaecia!

  • Bringing the W.A. Centre from the discord into RMB debate!

  • Endorsement Days!

  • Citizenship Reform! o.o

  • More to be announced!



This campaign runs off of the support of the people, join in - help build the cause, if you've got any ideas that you'd like to see, let me know! If you have any questions too, be sure to either telegram me or DM me on Discord :)