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Taungu - House of Commons Campaign




Taungu For MP

Hello Thaecians!!! I'm Taungu, perhaps better known or seen as your longest-serving Electoral Commissioner before resigning in early May of this year to serve in the post I occupy now, Home Affairs Minister.

I suppose this is the end of my time as solely a member of the unelected bureaucracy here in our lovely region 😛, both entering political life by campaigning with my great friend Snowflame and through this campaign for the House.

What's been my experience vis-a-vis the legislative process?

- I have stepped in to give informed opinions on potential issues with regards to the Treaty of Lucent in the Senate, engaging in a lengthy and informative debate with both Senators and the President, seen here.

- I have coauthored, alongside Brototh and Marvinville a landmark law on the Electoral Commission, my former area of work here ​

So, if I've got the experience, why am I running now instead of any other point in time in Thaecia?

I believe that I have some important and crucial inputs and pieces of legislation to introduce to Thaecia with this potential term in the House of Commons. Otherwise, although the past term has been a relative success, passing bills and confirming candidates, the House of Commons has lagged recently, perhaps not as much as the Senate where a no confidence vote occurred, but the chamber has slowed in comparison to prior terms, debate has stagnated to various degrees, to which, I intend to comment or debate on as many bills in the chamber as possible over my term if elected. Alongside that, I anticipate these two coming months in the House as ideally aligned in both free time to work towards my policies down below and to contribute, if not, I am prepared to readily resign to allow someone else to take my spot if I fear that I cannot execute the job to the standards I'd laid out here.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, here are some of the things I support... or don't!

  • For reforming Thaecia's citizenship rules,

    • to which the present citizenship rules in the Constitution should be drastically simplified,

    • a standalone act, already drafted, further specifying the rules would be passed into force,

  • For amending the Military Commission Act to loosen the present threats to operation security,

  • For correcting the Constitution's presently problematic rules defining majorities,

  • For reducing the burden on the Electoral Commissioner,

    • by amending L.R. 049 by introducing a legislatively confirmed Commission of three individuals, not beholden to position restrictions and not running for office in that election to manage elections, confirmed ideally through the proposed added RMB supported in the next bullet point,

  • For fellow House competitor Peeps' proposal to establish a dedicated region for ministerial, judicial, and electoral commission confirmation hearings, which would help to clearly delineate executive actions vis-a-vis legislative ones and promote efficiency,

  • Against an all-citizens legislature, the presence of an elected, competitive dual legislative chamber has been the hallmark of our region, although of course, issues have risen up in the past, this structure works and provides for exciting political interactions, there is no need to be like other regions, as long as we provide ample opportunities to bring up newcomers with including them in legislation drafting or even getting them up to speak on the chamber floors on what they believe ^^

  • Furthermore, as stated above, I intend to speak, debate, even potentially play devil's advocate on the legislative floor in order to ensure that the legislation Thaecia passes are the best that it could be, I look forward to a term of debate, discussion, and legislative cooperation!

And that's my campaign, I hope my campaign gives you something to consider and I thank you for your time and all the great experiences this region has provided, I'd love to have your vote and contribute further to Thaecia, now, in the legislative field as well!