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TITO Update - June 2021


[b][u][size=150]TITO Update – June 2021[/size][/u][/b] [/align]
[align=center][b]TITO Command[/b][/align]
Has your region been invaded, or do you want to get in touch with TITO? If so, contact one of the following nations:
~Commander-in-Chief: [nation]Hakketomat[/nation]
~Field Commander: [nation]Kanta Hame[/nation]
~Tactical Officers: [nation]Shy Guyia[/nation], [nation]Smugglers and Mercs[/nation] (TITO EF), [nation]Controlitia[/nation], [nation]Wischland[/nation], [nation]Sulenia[/nation], [nation]Flying Eagles[/nation]
~Executive Officers: [nation]HN67[/nation], [nation]Eastern New England[/nation]

[align=center][b]The Update Update[/b][/align]
Although updates tended to be slow, TITO found ways to stay busy throughout June. With 8 defenses, 1 liberation, and 8 chase runs, troops were jumping all about NS. Of course, a special shoutout to [nation]Thedairos[/nation] and [nation]Free Las Pinas[/nation] for going above and beyond to find detags, keeping TITO’s skills sharp with a total of 17 detags this month! Whether TITO troops were working on their own, or jumping alongside friends from other militaries, it was an enjoyable and productive month all around!

[align=center][b]Monthly Memes [/b][/align]
Unfortunately tragedies abounded in TITO chat this month, though they certainly were amusing.
[spoiler=An Evenly Matched Fight][img]https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/826323052966445056/854962570577182750/2021-06-17_1.png [/img][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Thoughts and Prayers for Moon][img]https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/826323052966445056/859918510666809374/June_Photo_1.jpg [/img][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Just Retire Already][img]https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/826323052966445056/857471664173088778/2021-06-24.png [/img][/spoiler]
[spoiler=F for Respect][img]https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/826323052966445056/859918724227006484/June_Photo_2.jpg [/img][/spoiler]
[spoiler=I Told You So][img]https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/826323052966445056/857474007661936670/2021-06-24_1.png [/img][/spoiler]

[align=center][b]TITO Interview[/b][/align]
For this month’s report, we sat down with a TITO Tactical Officer who has made a big splash in update since being promoted. [nation]Sulenia[/nation] has been an incredibly active leader, giving orders almost every update and making chasing a regular TITO activity.

[b]Wisch:[/b] Why did you initially join TITO and what made you stay for long enough to become a TO?
[b]Sulenia:[/b] The recruitment TG I got really caught my attention when it came to TITO, I found the concept of having a military really interesting. As for what made me stay, it was mainly the community and my own boredom, but mostly the community, I've met a lot of awesome people and that made me stay.
[b]Wisch[/b] How are your updates different now as a TO, compared to when you were a non-Command member?
[b]Sulenia:[/b] For me at least, it wasn't a huge change, now I just have the responsibility of leading our members, and coordinating with other orgs whenever necessary. I would consider those the main things that changed.
[b]Wisch[/b] One thing in particular you’ve taken the lead on is getting TITO members into chasing. How have your efforts progressed on that front?
[b]Sulenia[/b] Most often when there's taggers out, i ask if there's any interest in our members in chasing them, I've also recently started to teach our newer members the basics of chasing, and made a small guide on how to chase as well.
[b]Wisch:[/b] And how do you think engaging in chasing has affected TITO as a whole?
[b]Sulenia:[/b] It has been hugely beneficial to us, with some of our members getting shorter and shorter jump times, developing their skills.
[b]Wisch:[/b] What made you personally interested in chasing and how did it prompt you to encourage TITO to begin chasing?
[b]Sulenia:[/b] Currently, it's my personal desire to keep raiderdom on the floor that keeps me going. But before that it was mainly my interest in self-improvement, as my participation in the LNF (Late Nite Festival) showed me that chasing could be really good for developing my skills. Besides chasing is kinda fun. Well, I want to make clear that I didn't introduce TITO to chasing, but what convinced me to lead it was how entertaining it is, and as I mentioned before, it’s good for developing skills.
[b]Wisch:[/b] What plans do you have for TITO’s future, and for your role personally?
[b]Sulenia:[/b] One of the first things I want to do when I have the motivation and time, is making it easier for our mobile updaters (and future mobile TO's) to well, update, however I won't go into detail as to how I'll do that :P As for myself, for now I'll keep spotting and leading, it makes me happy  
[b]Wisch:[/b] Any final comments you’d like to make?
[b]Sulenia:[/b] If any of our Islanders are reading this, join TITO, you won't regret it  

[floatright]Until next month, this is your TITO Update Staff signing off -  [nation]Wischland[/nation][/floatright]