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Lasai | USE - Support Exchange - Endorsment

Lasaian Support Exchange

The USE program is overseen by Delegate , Vest-Skandinavia and is designed for help Lasaian People to join WA. Here are some important definitions to get you started:

  • World Assembly (WA) - An international body of nations like the real-life United Nations; the two bodies in the WA are the General Assembly (makes non-binding laws on all matters from health to schools) and the Security Council (commends and condemns specific nations/regions)

  • Endorsement - World Assembly members are able to give an 'endorsement' to other World Assembly members residing in their region as a virtual 'thumbs-up'; if you're a citizen of our region, then that means you can endorse your fellow comrades in Lasai

  • Delegate - The nation with the most endorsements in a region is automatically assigned the position of 'Delegate' to the World Assembly.

  • Influence - Influence is a census statistic like any of the other ones you might already have seen (e.g. Civil Rights, Corruption), and it is gained by having a higher number of endorsements

How can I participate?

Getting involved in the USE will give you many Benefits!

  1. Join the World Assembly

  2. Endorse Delegate, currently Vest-Skandinavia

  3. Endorse Everyone!

Why should I participate?

  • To make Lasai Stronger.

  • To give your Nation more Influence

  • To have right to vote in International Voting.