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Valannor - An Overview

The Dominion of Valannor

Flag of Valannor

The Great Eye of Celebrimbor

Motto: An i Calimhir
("For the Bright Lord")

(note that names are from the time of Sauron's dominion over Mordor)

Leader: Celebrimbor

Capital: Barad-l (formerly known as Barad-Dr)

Spoken Languages: Noldorin, Sindarin, Quenya, Bright Speech

Demonym: Valannorian

Type: Dominion

Other names: The Blessed Realm

Valannor is an arid, volcanic plain located in Middle-earth to the East of Gondor, Ithilien and the great river Anduin. Originally known as Mordor, it was chosen by the Dark Lord Sauron to be his realm due to its defensible position. Sauron was eventually overthrown by the Bright Lord Celebrimbor, and the land is now known as Valannor, named after the realm of the Elves.


Valannor is protected from three sides by three large mountain ranges, arranged in a roughly rectangular manner: the Ash Mountains ('Ered Lithui') in the north, and Ephep Duath in the west and south. In the northwest is the deep valley of Udun, which is one of the few entrances for large armies, and hence the location of the Great Gate of Valannor. In front of the Great Gate lies the Dagorlad. The main fortress of Barad-l lies just before Ered Lithui. To southwest of Barad-l lies the aried plateau of Gorgoroth and Mount Naur; to the east are the snowy yet small mountain range of Seregost and the plains of Lithlad. The geography of Valannor is excellent for defending against any enemy, as the nearly impenetrable mountains prevent armies from entering, and the dry landscape means that any armies that do break in would be impeded by the environment. Any army that enters would have to withdraw within days (unless having supplies sufficient for months).

The only paths to Valannor are the Great Gate in Udun, or from the west over the Ephel Duath through the Ithil Pass and the Pass of Cirith Ungol. Minas Ithil was originally built by Isildur to guard the pass from both sides, but was eventually conquered by the Nazgul, before being claimed by Celebrimbor in his conquest of Mordor.

The southern part of Valannor called Nurn is more fetile and watered due to the Sea of Nurnen. This is due to both the sea and because Nurn is where much of the ash from Mount Naur lands. Nurn is where most of the supplies for the Bright Lord's armies are produced.

To the West of Valannor lies the land of Ithilien with the city of Osgiliath and the river Anduin, while to the east is Rhun, and to the southeast, Khand.


- Cirith Ungol
- Gorgoroth
- Lithlad
- Minas Ithil
- Nurn
- Seregost

Notable Places:

- Barad-l
- Durthang
- Great Gate
- Isenmouthe
- Minas Ithil
- Mount Naur
- Tower of Cirith Ungol


Orignally known as Mordor, the land was a relic of the works of Morgoth, formed by two massive volcanic eruptions. It was called Mordor (meaning 'Black Land' or 'Shadow Land') before Sauron settled there. It is now known as Valannor (meaning 'Blessed Realm' in Nordorin).

One theory regarding Valannor's creation is that it may be the seabed of the once inland Sea of Helcar.

Languages and People

At the time of Celebrimbor's conquest, many great armies had gathered to serve both the Bright and Dark Lords. These included enslaved men who spoke a variety of tongues, and Orcs and Trolls, who spoke a form of the Common Speech. Within Barad-l (amongst Celebimbor's most powerful servants and wraiths) Nordorin is spoken, while the Bright Numenoreans (once Black Numenoreans now dominated by Celebrimbor) and Olog-hai, speak the Bright Speech, a language devised by Celebrimbor to remove the use of Sauron's Black Speech. Celebrimbor has also made use of Sauron's Black (now Bright) Uruks.


Early History

Settled by Sauron 1,000 years after the First Age ended, it remained the centre of his power for the time he was present on Middle-earth. In the north-western corner of the land stood Mount Doom (now Mount Naur) where Sauron forged his One Ring. Near the mountain stood Barad-dr, a mighty fortress. During his reign, Sauron was known as the Dark Lord of Mordor.

For nearly two and half thousand years, Sauron ruled uninterrputed. He attacked Eregion, capturing its king, Celebrimbor. He was later repelled by Numenor, the greatest of the realms of Men, and was taken prisoner. Sauron eventually corrupted Numenor from within, corrupting its kings and causing the destruction of the island. Sauron then fled back to Mordor in spirit form.

Celebrimbor's First Rebellion

Upon returning to Mordor, Sauron founded that his prisoner, Celebrimbor, had escaped. Celebrimbor intercepted Sauron and stole the One Ring, using its power against the Dark Lord. The civil war in Mordor lasted fifty years until when Sauron and Celebrimbor fought in single combat, and the One Ring betrayed Celebrimbor, leaving Celebrimbor to be killed by Sauron and turned into a wraith doomed to roam Mordor.

The Last Alliance and the Third Age

After gathering his strength, Sauron launched an attack on Gondor but failed, with his forces driven back by the Last Alliance of Elves and Men. After the Battle of Dagorlad, the Last Alliance entered Mordor and besieged Barad-dr for seven days, until Sauron himself came forth and was defeated in a battle on the slopes of Mount Doom. For about 1600 years, Mordor was guarded by Gondor. The Towers of the Teeth and the Tower of Cirith Ungol was built by Gondor to guard the main entry points into Mordor. Gorgoroth became desolate and Barad-dr was razed to its foundations.

Following the Great Plague in TA 1636, the guards of Mordor fell and evil returned. Sauron used the Wainriders to distract Gondor, and returned to Mordor with the Nazgul in TA 1980. Mordor was reclaimed and began to rebuild its might. The Nine conquered Minas Ithil in TA 2002 and evil creatures occupied the abandoned fortesses built by Gondor. In the north of Mordor, the armies and forges worked, while in the south in Nurn, vast fields worked by slaves supplied provions.

Celebrimbor's Return

During the time of Sauron's return to Mordor, the spirit of Celebrimbor took the form of a ranger of Gondor, using his wraith powers to create and dominate an army of orcs. Celebrimbor then forged his own One Ring, and battled Sauron across Mordor, capturing Nurn, and killing the Dark Lord's servants, the Hammer, the Tower and the Black Hand.

Eventually growing powerful enough to attack Sauron, Celebrimbor attacked Barad-dr. In a pitched battle, Celebrimbor was able to take the fortress and dominate Sauron, stealing his power and killing the Dark Lord forever. Celebrimbor then began his reign of Mordor, renaming the land Valannor in light of Celebrimbor's heritage as an elf of Noldor. Now powerful enough to return in physical form, Celebrimbor abandoned his ranger host and took the fortess Barad-dr for his seat, naming it Barad-l (meaning Star Tower). Many of Sauron's former allies pledged their alliegance to Celebrimbor. Apart from many changes in names, Celebrimbor's grip was just as tryannical as Sauron's, with Celebrimbor's eventual aim being the restoration of order to all of Middle-earth.


Valannor has means Blessed Realm in Noldorin.


Valannor has vast armies at its disposal, all filled with a hatred for the Men of the West. The Orcs of the land may have not been the most powerful, but where fierce and could overwhelm with numbers. Trolls and the Haradrim could be much more devastating. The Orc armies of Celebrimbor usually number between 100,000 - 300,000.

Basic Units

The backbone of Celebrimbor's armies are the Orcs. They often use poisoned or fiery arrows to attack their enemies. Their weapons could never reach the quality of the "Free Peoples", but the Orcs would often swarm their enemies due to their large numbers. However, Orcs at their best, such as the Bright Uruks, were just as strong as their Gondorian counterparts, and had well-made weaponry.


The allies of Valannor aid Celebrimbor in his quest for domination. The Easterlings are a race more advanced than the Orcs, and they use swords and pikes. Their weapons and armour are of finer quality, and they are well-trained. The Haradrim use bows (superior to Orc bows) and can deal heavy damage to enemy units. The Haradrim also had oliphaunts, which could do heavy damage to infantry. The Variags of Khand and the Corsairs of Umbar are also allies to Celebrimbor.

Captains and Champions

Valannor has some powerful captains and champions, that lead the Bright Lord's conquest of Middle-earth. The Ulairi are deadly wraiths that spread terror and are the primary captains of Celebrimbor. Originally Sauron's servants known as the Nazgul, Celebrimbor aquired them when he destroyed Sauron. Celebrimbor's Voice is a Bright Numenorean sorcerer who serves as Celebrimbor's ambassador. Olrok is the lieutenant of Minas Ithil.

Akoth is the captain of Barad-l. Other notable Orc captains include Dugza, Ratak, Shaka, Noruk and Rash. All are Bright Uruks, meaning they are utterly loyal to Celebrimbor.

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