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Constitution (UP FOR VOTE)

The nations of SolarFlare, with the goals of upholding the region's founding values of peace, democracy, and neutrality, establish this constitution as the supreme regional law of SolarFlare.

Residents of SolarFlare must comply with the rules in this article, or face an initial warning and a ban if the behavior continues. Resident nations must:
1. Not discriminate against other nations based on race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. All discussions regarding these topics on the Regional Message Board (RMB) must remain respectful and civil.
2. Not force one's political views onto others. Civil, respectful discussion is encouraged, but forcing is not.
3. Not have fascist, totalitarian communist, or any other extreme, oppressive, or intolerant political views.
4. Not swear in the RMB. Doing so will result in a warning via Telegram, and if it continues it will result in a kick and ban.
5. Not advertise for your region or campaign in the RMB. If a nation joins for the sole purpose of advertising a region or campaigning, they will be kicked and banned.
6. Use Discord for its intended purpose. Advertising and constant spam is not allowed.
8. Not say rude things about or toward another nation in SolarFlare. One may disagree and debate as long as the discussion remains polite.
9. Not impersonate staff (or any other nation) of this region.
10. Not spam. Spamming is the repeated sending of the same message or image over and over again, and it will not be tolerated.
11. Not eat baby dolphins or dogs, unless one is starving.
12. Not voice support for murder, sexual harassment, or hateful discrimination.
12. Uphold human rights in their nation.
13. Not purposely destroy their nation’s environment.
14. Cooperate with other SolarFlare nations to serve the common good of the region.
15. Not attempt to raid the region and unlawfully overthrow the government.

Section 1. A Member Nation is defined as any nation which currently resides in and has resided in SolarFlare for three days in a row, is not a raider, and is not a puppet of a current Member Nation.
Section 2. All Member Nations are entitled to the following rights and opportunities:
a. The right to vote in elections and legislation votes
b. The right to sue the government
c. The right to a fair trial
d. The right to run for regional office
e. The right to a jury
f. The right to an attorney in court
g. The right to call for a public investigation
h. The right to receive aid from other SolarFlare nations in times of regional or national struggle
i. The right to not be excluded from regional events
j. The right to emigration
k. The right to call an impeachment trial for an officer
l. The right to voice their opinion, as long as it is not harmful and is voiced respectfully
m. The right to not be kicked or banned from the region for no valid reason
n. The right to not be subject to cruel or unusual punishment
Section 3. Puppets of Member Nations shall be assumed to be the same legal entity as the main nation, therefore any right violation of a puppet shall count as a violation of their main Member Nation's rights.

Section 1. All regional officers, unless specified otherwise in this constitution, shall be elected democratically by the Member Nations.

Section 2. The Founder (Celestial Wave) is the highest ranking official in the SolarFlare government and the co-leader of the executive branch. They are not elected and serve for nation life. They will hold all the executive powers and are free to use their power as they please, but still must act in accordance to the constitution. While still being the most powerful officer, they are not above the law. The founder shall lead the region and attend to both foreign and domestic affairs.
The founder has the responsibilities and powers to represent the region on the international stage, oversee elections and important regional events, appoint ambassadors, and issue executive orders.
a. If the founder ceases to exist, the WA Delegate becomes the official leader of the region.
b. The founder may "step down" from their responsibilities and powers and hand the region to the WA Delegate if they wish. They may return to office whenever they want.

Section 3. The WA Delegate is the second highest ranking official and co-leads the the executive branch of government. They hold all executive powers, but the "executive" power can be taken away from them by the Founder if necessary for security reasons. They have all the same powers as the Founder, but these powers can be revoked either by a vote or by the Founder directly.
a. Every year in March, the WA Delegate will be voted on, and then all WA nations must endorse the Delegate-Elect. However, the WA Delegate role is subject to change, so whoever has the most endorsements is automatically the Delegate, no matter if they were voted into office in March. Also, this role may be vacant at times if no one has any endorsements.

Section 4. The Vice-Delegate is the "helper" of the WA Delegate and the Founder. They will have all executive powers except the actual "executive" power. They help run the region, assist nations when the Founder and Delegate are offline, manage records, and oversee elections and other regional events.
a. Every March, or whenever the role is vacant, the Vice-Delegate office will be up for election. Nations can serve up to 12 months in this office. This role does not have to be filled at all times, as all the responsibilities of this office can be covered by the Founder or WA Delegate.

Section 5. The Communications Department and Roleplay Department shall each have an officer to lead their respective departments.
a. The Communications Officer, the head of the Communications Department, is in charge of communicating with the region, carrying out duties given by higher-ranking officers, posting polls, and maintaining the RMB. They shall have the "communications" and "polls" functions.
b. The Roleplay Manager, the head of the Department of RP, shall oversee and manage all regional role play. They shall have "communications", "polls", and "embassies" power. The officer has the right to request a link for a thread/dispatch relating to regional roleplay from a regional officer. They may also appoint assistants.
c. Other departments or officers can be created via a regional vote or order by the Founder or WA Delegate. Once an office is created, it must be filled democratically, unless specified in a constitutional amendment.
d. Every March and September, each of these roles will be up for election. If a role becomes vacant, a snap election will occur to fill the vacancy. Nations can serve up to 12 months in any of these offices.

Section 6. If any officer abuses their power, they can be impeached and removed from office with a simple majority and a minimum of five votes in favor. A nation may be barred from office with a minimum of five votes and a two-thirds majority of total votes.
a. If the officer in question is the Founder, and the power abuse is very significant in such a way that it harms the very fabric of SolarFlarian democracy, the region may move to a new region with the lead of the rest of the government, which shall be the official successor to the original region.
b. If the officer in question is the WA Delegate, they shall be kicked from the region, and banned if their offense is significant enough.

Section 1. Recognizing the undeniable right to vote, no legal Member Nation may be prevented from voting, and such is subject to the penalty of removal from office, ejection from the region, or ban, depending on the severity of the offense.

Section 2. The ballot of any office or law will be conducted by a NationStates regional poll, although some parties may either hold primaries or select their candidate.
a. If there is already a regional poll running, voting shall be held on Google Forms.
b. Election/voting results must be verified by two nations independent from the candidates.

Section 4. Voting shall last for 7 days.

Section 5. If there are more than two candidates in an election, the one with the least initial votes will be disqualified and a second round of voting will commence. If there is only one candidate, then the election will have two options: one option in favor of the candidate taking office, and the other opposing it.

Section 6. In order to win an election, a candidate must receive more votes than their opponent and earn a minimum of 4 votes.

Section 7. Voting shall always be optional. Additionally, all polls should have an "abstain option". Any officer found tampering with the vote or defying the procedures laid out in this article shall be subject to a trial.

Section 1. All legal disputes shall be settled in the Court of Justice, with the Presiding Judge mediating the case. The judge must be unbiased and must carry out court procedures impartially and professionally in accordance to the law.

Section 2. The Attorney General, who shall be appointed by the Founder or WA Delegate, shall represent the government in all court cases. They shall serve at the government's pleasure.

Section 3. The government may levy charges against a nation if they have been accused of breaking a law. Likewise, any resident may levy charges against the government if they believe they have broken a law or suppressed their rights. The defendant may only try to prove they are guilty and may not levy charges against the prosecution, and vice versa.

Section 4. All participants in court have the following rights:
a. The right to an attorney— if they cannot find one, the state must hire an attorney for them
b. The right to remain silent
c. The right to not testify against oneself

Section 5. The defendant may request a jury, which must be unbiased. Two-thirds of the jury must find the defendant guilty to convict them. If they are convicted, the judge shall decide their punishment.

Section 6. The Vice-Delegate shall be in charge of managing court records.

Section 1. Any Member Nation may propose an amendment to the constitution. Once an amendment is proposed, it will go under scrutiny for 7 days, where it is critiqued by other nations, edited, and revised. After the week, it will go up for vote. There will be 7 days to vote.

Section 2. An amendment shall require 5 or more votes to pass.

Section 3. Once an amendment is passed, it will be added to a 7th article as a new section, and any parts of the constitution that have been outdated by the amendment shall be crossed out.

Section 4. Joke proposals will not be tolerated, and will be punished with an initial warning, followed by a ban if it happens again.

Written by Tocan Isle, Inferior america, Celestial Wave, Sierra minor/Sierra Grand, and Rivendellfolk

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