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Forum Posts on Right Wing Domestic Terrorism

This is from a forum thread and I wanted to archive this material here because I haven't covered it anywhere on this nation

Original Post:

A little over four times as many right wing terror attacks as left wing. Not surprising to anyone paying attention, but really, this leads to two questions:

1. Why is the right so much more violent than the left?
2. What can be done to reduce the instances of right-wing terrorism?

For me the answers aren't simple but can be boiled (mostly accurately) down to this:

1. The right has this sense of their old power slipping away and they're lashing out. This is why we had Trump and the storming of the capitol as well.
2. Honestly, I have no good answers here. The best I can say is keep the modern neo-nazis out of the spotlight and make it harder for people who could be converted to find their rhetoric. Is it deplatforming? You could say that, but most places don't want to host hate speech anyway, and they can legally kick people who espouse this sort of thing off so I don't see a big problem.

J o J Wrote:

The ultimate cause is that modern leftist rhetoric goes about provoking change in the wrong way. The left demonizes and berates anything on the right and this invokes a psychological response from the right because they feel they're being attacked unfairly and/or personally. If you don't know what I mean then imagine you are a child again and your mother suddenly comes in and starts yelling at you when you were just minding your own business, coming at you with garbage like "you need to get off that video game and go outside!" or "You need to get out of your room and do <insert chore>, you've been in here all day!" when you have only just gotten home from school and just wanted to do your own thing for a bit. When I was younger this is precisely what I felt when I was more right leaning, it seemed unfair that I was being called privileged, racist, and stupid just because my skin color was white or because I was born as a male, and these unjustified insults on my character helped to farther my disdain for the left. I thought to myself "This is not fair, how can they call me these things when they don't even know me?!" Only when I matured did I understand to ignore this nonsense from the radical left and return to civility and common sense. Hell, I hardly agree with either side anymore and see myself as an independent these days, and yet the left and it's respective rhetoric still causes this initial kneejerk reaction at times, like when Coca-Cola generalizes all white people and says whiteness is ignorant, racist, and arrogant and that you should "be less white" in their employee training PowerPoints. Regardless of whether or not the left means to approach the right in this way is irrelevant because that's how a lot of the right views it. I remember my communications class in college talking about tones in communication, and that using aggressive and assertive tones can often lead to psychological reactions in the other person because they feel they're being attacked. That was directly on point, that concept is what I am talking about right now. And no, this is not to play the victim card for the right, the right has it's problems too. This is to point out that the problem you are complaining about here is almost entirely the left's fault. Generally, instead of approaching with civility and debate, often times people on the left like to scream at anybody right of center, call them names, belittling them, and proceeding to kick them and ban them from all platforms without giving them their fair say. Don't sit here and tell me about your anecdotal evidence about how you are a goody two shoes debater who never acts in blind aggression, because we both know there's a good portion of the left that does not at all embody that good behavior.

Don't think the left really behaves this way? Look at all these instances we have of college students collectively scream and chant over right leaning speakers at a conference or event THEY HAD THE OPTION TO ATTEND, then scream about the speaker promoting oppression when they themselves chose to be there. Look at all these instances where people get tried in the court of public opinion rather than the court of law by this strange amalgamation of mob mentality and groupthink known as "cancel culture". Look at all these instances in which the left accuses the right of being racist or <insert thing here>-phobic with absolutely no valid justification. For instance, Joe Biden just called a voting law in Georgia which requires people to show their IDs "Jim Crow on Steroids". That doesn't even make any god damn sense and this is the person the left all voted for so valiantly. This is precisely why you see more right-wing domestic terrorism than the left. The left provokes it. Notice how you call a lot of things on the right "reactionary"? Yeah, because you are PROVOKING a REACTION. You get bad reactions from radical individuals on the right. (If you wanted links for proof I'm not filling this post with a bunch of greentext and urls, just go look around on YouTube and whatnot if you really want and I'm sure you'll find some examples. You shouldn't even need proof of this since it happens so damn often.)

But by now it is too late to reverse the change anyways, the right and left have both become far too entrenched against each other because people at the top of the left convinced the left to act in such a vindictive way against the right to the point that the right mirrored this behavior and now neither side will make concessions or compromises. This is a problem of your own creation and you have nobody to blame but yourselves, and yes I also refer to individuals on the right who act in this same way (actual racists, homophobes, and so on who behave in an antagonistic and aggressive way.) If it hadn't been for na´ve and foolish individuals on both sides falling for the deceptive rhetoric of corrupt and greedy politicians on both sides to divide us, then we wouldn't be here. Hell, we're at each other's throats and yelling at each other while we have people living in poverty, crumbling infrastructure, and many other problems we could focus on to improve the lives of our collective people. But nope, here we are fighting each other as usual.

If you read until the end of this rather long post then thanks for taking the time to do so. Perhaps it helped to open your eyes to how people on the right interpret the left's behavior. And as a note, don't let us forget about the constant rioting and looting the left endorsed that lasted for months on end as a reminder that the left is not free of guilt. I'd call that domestic terrorism as well BUT that's a story for another day.