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The Compiled List of J o Jís Beliefs in Laymanís Terms

The following is an itemized list of J o Jís beliefs and policies as of the release of this dispatch. Consider any predating information to be overruled by the following information. These beliefs refer to American politics and issues often. This dispatch won't go into detailed arguments about each idea because that would simply be far too much information for one document, if you want that, then contact J o J himself... If you dare!

1. The people have the unalienable right to keep and bear arms for their own defense, recreation, and utility. From hunting to target shooting to personal defense, the people have the right to own small arms and firearms on the same level as the Armed Forces. Modern gun control is absurd because will not work in America due to the insane amount of firearms in circulation. And of course, the people have a right to defend themselves from tyranny with their firearms above all these aforementioned things. All individuals who are not criminals and are mentally stable should be allowed to carry a firearm for self defense in public areas.

2. The people have the right to behave how they want in their bedrooms without interference of the state. They should be free to identify how they want and love who they want in their own affairs and it is no business of the state. They should be free to get hormone changing operations, transgender surgeries, and be able to marry who they please as long as they are 18 or older. J o J believes in separation of church and state, and the nationís dominant religion should not influence policy despite being labeled as the national religion. While the people ought to be allowed to love who they want and how in their own bedrooms, pedophilia, prostitution, and bestiality are still considered immoral and punishable to the fullest extent of the law.

3. Transgender individuals should not be allowed to play in sports that are designated for their opposite biological sex because they were born with an unfair advantage. A Male-To-Female should not be allowed to play in female sports due to their unfair biological advantage, as instances like Linkthis clearly demonstrate the dangers of allowing transgender individuals to switch to the other genderís sport teams. This is in the desire to keep sports fair and fun for all.

4. There should be a healthy balance between nationalism and individualism. Too much individualism can result in societal decay as weíve seen in our current day and age, but too much nationalism leaves too little room for individualism. A balance of 60% nationalism to 40% individualism is the ideal situation, as this creates a balance where the people value the nation and their collective people while still reserving individualism for the appropriate times.

5. Almost all Democratic Party politicians are corrupt and crooked. Democrats virtue signal and abuse social movements to secure power and wealth for themselves without actually caring. They only allow unregulated illegal immigration so they can then promise illegal immigrants everything on a silver platter, so they will continue to support for the Democratic Party. Moreover, these illegals will be able to vote for the Democrats as they continue their campaign of destroying our voting and election integrity by pushing for a lack of voter registration and identification. They then abuse intersectionality as a way to sneak this trick into unrelated movements like the Black Lives Matter movement to give it a false moral justification. They further a rhetoric that supports anti capitalism only because they know that with socialist ďredistributionĒ policies they can abuse it and increase their own payrolls instead of use it for the people. All things that the Democrats do revolve around corruption, lies, and greed.

6. The Black Lives Matter organization is a self described anti-capitalist, feminist, and anti-family organization. Several big city sects of BLM cite this on their websites. As explained in belief five, it is a political tool of the left and it does not have the well being of Black Americans at heart. The phrase Black Lives Matter, separate from the organization, is true. All lives matter, and as such Black Lives Matter! Everybody matters.

7. The borders of the United States and any nation should be secure and regulated so only good people who have things to offer can enter. The Biden Administrationís disgusting immigration policies have given gangs, criminals, and human traffickers a field day and crime has surged as much as illegal immigration has. There are multiple and detail accounts of this across the internet, most notably from Texas officials as they work hard to quell this crisis. Immigrants should not be criminals, should have prospects, and should have potential to contribute to society.

8. False accusations of criminal action, character assassination, and slander are morally repugnant and should be punished.

9. The military and veterans of all nations should be honored and respected for their service and sacrifice for what their country and people. The burning of your own nationís flag is a trespass on veterans and the military, who give and gave so much to defend that flag. If you disagree with a cultural issue in the country, don't desecrate a flag millions fought and died for or refuse to at least stand for the anthem and pledge. You can find other ways to protest for your issue.

10. Foreign aid by the United States needs to be cut immediately. There is a plethora of problems our tax dollars and revenue could be spent on here at home, like funding addiction recovery and rehab centers, investing in our infrastructure and roads, housing homeless folks, and so on. We have our own problems, so let us solve those first before we move on to the rest of the world.

11. Abortion, is abhorrent and should only be allowed in certain conditions. Abortion in the case that the motherís life is in danger, the child is the product of a rape, the child has a severe disorder, abortions may proceed. If you failed to use contraceptives which are easily acquired, you shall live with the consequences. Your body now contains another personís body, whom you have no right to kill under normal conditions. Even in the early stages of a pregnancy, that small embryo is a growing human despite that it cannot think or feel yet. It isnít fair for you to wipe it from existence before it gets a chance to live because you donít want it. You can put the baby up for adoption after having it if you donít want it so badly. If abortion is to be legal for whatever reason, then the mother AND father (unless the child was conceived by rape or it puts the motherís life in danger) must consent to an abortion. It is totally unfair and immoral that a mother can abort a child that a father wants to have.

12. All individuals are innocent until proven guilty, and shall be tried by the court of law, not the court of public opinion. Cancel culture is nonsense.

13. Fake news and misleading information by both sides of the political mainstream is toxic and harmful to the people, and should be exterminated immediately.

14. The right to free speech shall not be infringed by corporations. Big tech companies like Google should be prevented from exerting a bias and narrative over their absurdly large audience, because as the majority of Americans have no choice but to use the services and products of these monopolies, they should be regulated. If they cannot remove their biases and unfair narratives towards one political belief, they should be trust busted and minimized, or they should be nationalized. Small websites and corporations with a normal sized audience is one thing, but companies like Google which control a massive amount of online conversation and traffic must be controlled for the sake of keeping online communication across all mediums far and truthful in all regards.

15. Populism should be a high priority of a real politician. He who supports and adheres to what the people want is vital and keeps the aspect of self government healthy. This politician must also prevent mob mentality and groupthink by a majority from trespassing on the constitution. Valuing the voice of the people and the constitution in an even degree will fulfill the wills and laws of the nation as a whole.

16. Church and state should be separate. All religions should be tolerated and permitted. The state should not force a religion on the people, and the people should respect that not all individuals have similar views or religious affiliations and should agree to disagree with religious opponents.

17. National socialism, communism, socialism, and anarchism are abhorrent and evil ideologies which destroy the nation.

18. Capitalism promotes market competition and free trade, and it has lifted billions out of poverty and is continuing to do so. Capitalism is not the ultimate evil of the world as modern socialists would claim. Socialism, in its modern form, has failed in several instances, most notably Venezuela. While every system has its flaws, and capitalism sure has some, it has the least amount of them and is ultimately the best system we have to date.

19. Racism, sexism, and other discrimination is bad. Hate groups like the KKK and discriminatory policies like affirmative action are social toxicity. Preventing somebody from going to school or getting a job because of their race is abhorrent just as much as it is to be a white supremacist.

20. The People's Republic China under the Chinese Communist Party is an evil amalgamation, which constantly trespasses on civil rights, oppresses minorities, and desires to crush several nations and nationalities. China should be the primary enemy of all nations of the world. Stand with Hong Kong.

21. If you are religious, you can let the LGBTQ do their thing in peace, and if you are an LGBTQ individual, you can let religious people practice their religion in peace. A small-business or individual religious baker is not in the wrong for refusing to bake you a cake because his religion goes against your identity. If it was Google or McDonalds, which hold a massive service audience and range, it would be an issue, since they almost have a monopoly and you have few alternate options. Think of it this way, a devoted religious person who was born into a religion sees religion as part of their identity, and so telling them they canít believe in their God is discriminatory. If they are berating you and harassing you, then by all means go ahead and cut loose on them, but if they are minding their own business then leave them alone. That goes for both sides. A religious person in office can follow his religion and allow the LGBTQ community to do their thing in peace at the same time because the church and state should be separate, and as such governmental affairs do not involve their religion. This means a Christian should be fine with passing a common sense and pro-LGBTQ piece of legislation without worrying about going against their religion because while they are enabling a lifestyle they may not believe in, the government is separate from religion and shouldnít influence your job. You cannot force an LGBTQ person to repent at the point of a sword, and you cannot force a religious person to accept you at the point of a sword.

22. Respect others, and treat them as you would want to be treated.

23. Modern white folks are not to blame for the problems of other races. While past pre-dominantly white empires caused a lot of problems for Africa and other regions through harsh colonialization, but that does not make the predecessors of these colonizers responsible or to blame as nobody has a say in the past before they were born.

24. Men are not to blame for the problems of women. The 77 cent to the dollar wage gap is a myth, perpetuated through faulty statistics and misinterpretation of facts. There are less women in STEM fields because they don't choose them. There are less men in "feminine" fields because they don't choose them. Feminists do not empower themselves by being arrogant nuisances to other people. Men should not be shamed simply because they are men, and women should not be shamed simply because they are women.

25. Wearing overly exposing clothing, clothing with "stylized" holes, clothes with smut or excessive obscene language, or otherwise degenerate clothing for either sex is immoral and disgusting. Cover yourself up and be civilized, we aren't cavemen. Children don't need to see your underwear or nipples. If you want to wear garbage, do it in your own home or on your own property, not in public areas such as restaurants when people are trying to have a meal in decency.

26. All individuals should prioritize the well-being of their nation and have a healthy level of nationalism and reserve civil disobedience and rebellion for critical circumstances. They should not engage in domestic terrorism unless the government starts legitimately oppressing them or becomes blatantly illegitimate. When the time comes to fight back against the government when it oversteps its boundaries, you know what to do. Keep your rifle by your side, blast the metal music on your stereo, and do what must be done. Make 1776 look like child's play.

27. Your nation and your people come before all other nations and people. Globalism is garbage.

28. The family structure is vital. A father-figure and mother-figure who discipline their children and reward them for good behavior while creating a hospitable family environment allow for said children to be raised with proper and respectable values. Same-sex parents should at least attempt to replicate the mother-father dynamic, quite literally with the stereotypical father and stereotypical mother aspects in mind, NOT for the sake of being more heteronormative but for the sake of maintaining a healthy childhood for their children.

29. There is a time and a place for violence. Avoid violence until you know the time is right and that all other feasible options have been exhausted.

30. If you must defend yourself, your property, or your residence from an intruder or other threat then you have the right to do so. If you are assaulted, you have the right to fight back. If somebody punches you, punch them harder. If somebody breaks into your house, stand your ground and shoot them down. If they value harming you or stealing your possessions more than their own life then make them pay for that way of thinking.

31. Parents should not weaponize their child's successes or achievements to bolster their ego. They should also not force them to do things like get a body altering surgery or procedure unless they have a medical problem that a doctor has certified they need an operation or procedure for. This includes hormone changing drugs and operations, any individual needs to be 18 before they can consent to this regardless of their parent's wishes. Parents should only do something to their child if it truly has THE CHILD'S best interests at heart.

32. Try to avoid being biased or prejudiced against an idea or person until you have at least heard their side of the story or have the facts at your disposal.

33. Bloated, oversized, and overpowered corporations like Coca-Cola and Google need to be trust busted or nationalized. In the case of Google, the fact that they quite literally possess a monopoly over almost all mainstream communication and media allows them to exert a bias over an unfathomable number of people and hinder the free and neutral online discourse between individuals and groups as covered in belief 14.

34. There is a healthy balance between government intervention in the economy and a hands-off approach.

35. Fat-shaming is nonsense in terms of the left's current description. Bullying an overweight person for "being ugly" is wrong, but telling them they need to get in shape because their current state is unhealthy is not wrong. Obesity is a problem and it is causing or complicating several types of health conditions, particularly in the American population. Fat-acceptance is also nonsense. Being morbidly obese is unhealthy and normalizing such behavior is akin to normalizing smoking cigarettes. It is an unhealthy lifestyle and state of being.

36. There is no reason for "pronouns" besides "he/him", "she/her", or "they/them". It's that simple. If you and your friends want to use other pronouns, go right ahead, that's your right, but you cannot force others to use them.

37. Fossil fuels eventually need to be phased out. We need to research and invest in nuclear and renewable technology so that nuclear power and renewable energy sources can eventually take the place of fossil fuels over time. Nuclear power plants need to stop being decommissioned as they will partly be replaced by fossil fuels which doesn't help the climate situation. The fear of nuclear meltdowns and accidents needs to be overcome due to the very, very low chance of such accidents. Nuclear and renewable activists need to stop opposing each other. Instead, a cooperation between nuclear power and renewable sources is vital. This cooperation allows for renewables like solar, hydro, and wind power to generate energy while they are able to (when the sun shines, river flows at normal rates, and when the wind blows), and then when they cannot function at full capacity, the backup source of nuclear power plants can take over during the down time of renewables. This process would allow us to slowly phase out fossil fuels while we continue to invest in our clean energy sources and battery technology to store excess energy generated by renewables. Once fossil fuels are phased out, nuclear and renewables would serve the job until we have sufficient battery technology to store enough excess electricity in so that large batteries can take over the job of being the back up energy source from nuclear power plants when nuclear fuel finally begins to get scarce. (That will be a long time!)

38. Stan culture is toxic and annoying. You can be a fan of something or someone without being an obsessive and obnoxious nuisance.

39. Affirmative action is racist, and all schools/businesses should enroll and employ on merit only, not race. The most qualified individuals should be chosen for any and all positions, regardless of demographics.