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7th Hawkswind Lane

7th Hawkswind Lane

Welcome to 7th Hawkswind Lane! The official residence, and home to the current Chief Elder of St Abbaddon.
The Supreme Council of Elders shall elect one among themselves to hold the title of Chief Elder, who will serve as the head of government under the Lord Reaperís authority. The Chief Elder shall be responsible for the day to day governance of the region, opening and closing convened sessions of the Council and to serve as an advisor to the Lord Reaper, Draganisia. Hawkswind Lane is named after the esteemed 2nd World Assembly Delegate, one of the original founders (2003-2015), and a hero in our regional history. Current Chief Elder Allangoria believed it would only be fitting to honor this individual. The residence serves as the headquarters for daily business, official residence, and a place where tourist may visit to contact the Chief Elder.

Meet our Chief Elder

Our current Chief Elder Allangoria assumed the office of Chief Elder, with the official appointment by Draganisia, on August 28, 2020. Since taking office, Allangoria, and the Supreme Council has accomplished;

  • Continuous Editions of the St Abby Times, and have an official template designed by Niktobr

  • We have a post Topid flag that marks what we call the revitalization era of St Abby.

  • Signed a treaty with our dear friends from Thalassia. A very big thank you to Owl Archipelago, and Sho for making this possible.

  • We have passed over 15 Supreme Council Resolutions that have rebuilt our entire infrastructure. The work here is amazing.

  • The Establishment of The Hawkswind Citation Medal! Weíve honored those heroes who have laid it out for the region of St Abby!

  • Some of the best factbooks, and organization weíve desperately needed!

  • Established the Guardian of St Abbaddon Ceremonial Military.

Since taking office, many people believed that Allangoria would change the region dramatically. Instead heís focused on protecting regional history, and wants to setup a proud tradition for many others to follow.