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Minor/fringe parties

There are many minor fringe parties on Tocan that get less than 1% of the vote. Some of them are joke parties, some are extreme radical parties that have no hope of gaining significant support, and some are special interest parties that only get votes in certain regions or among certain small groups.

* Liberal Party - neoliberalism, anti-socialism, center-right
* Syndicalist Party - syndicalism, libertarian socialism
* Regionalist Party - devolution of government
* Revolutionary Proletariat Party - trotskyism, left communism, far-left
* Anti-Development Party - deep ecology, far-left
* Enough! - right-wing populism, conspiracy, anti-immigration
* The Fun Party - satire, ultra-libertarianism
* Kindness Party - "respectful" politics (self-described)
* National Party for Communism - left-wing nationalism, totalitarian communism
* United Smokers Alliance - wants to reverse the ban on tobacco
* Internationalist Party - anti-nationalism, one world government
* Radical Party for the People - left-wing populism, revolutionary socialism
* Family Front - social conservatism, conservative socialism
* Utopian Party - special interest group for Tocanians of Utopian descent
* Outer Space Party - party dedicated to getting Tocan Isle to space
* Colonization Party - expansionist, militarist
* Pirate Party - pirate politics, direct democracy
* Tokarenore Party - deep ecology, militant Tokari special interest, far-left
* Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Party - marxism-leninism-maoism, authoritarian socialism
* Anarchist Party - anarcho-communism, extreme left-wing
* Tocan Nationalist Party (BANNED) - fascism, nationalism, extreme right-wing

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