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Will's Eshialand Day Adventure

In the wee hours of April 3rd, 2021, the elusive defender known as Eshialand (or Will if you're his close friend) set out on a wacky adventure: three piling missions with two different piling groups and a mercenary group in one night.

Of course, this is nothing unusual for most, since you can get pretty fast at switching WA nations with practice, but Will had to do it armed only with a flip phone that, despite being made in 2018, was outdated by 2010 standards. It's kind of like doing a high-speed chase in an old beaten-up jalopy.

And this was no ordinary night either, for April 3rd was Eshialand Day, the fourth anniversary of his first joining this wonderful game we call NationStates. He was going to start the day off with a bang, both metaphorically and somewhat literally.

The night began with a Guardian mission just like any other. A detag of Secular Union.

He used Upper Michigania just like normal, and sat there until update like normal... the only thing really setting this apart from the previous 235 Guardian missions he had been on was the fact that he was leading this one, but even then, he was used to this.

Once update started however, all sense of normalcy was thrown out the window. He only had a little under eight minutes to dismiss the raider RO, ban them, appoint himself RO, resign from the WA, and switch his WA nation to Capital North before the next mission, all while dealing with a crappy, laggy phone that could only have one window open at any time and could crash at any moment.

This mission was a detag of Transatlantic Treaty of Defense, the inaugural mission of the newly revamped SPSF Tidal Force. Was he a part of the SPSF? Well, no, but defending knows no organizations, and he had made a few friends in the South Pacific recently, so he felt right at home working for them. Also, who doesn't want to be there for the start of something great?

Sadly, there was no time to stick around, as he only had about three minutes to jump to the next mission, a support of Chicken overlords being run by his friend The Python's mercenary group, the Anti-Raiding League. Once Firanland had endorsed Thee Imperium 0f Man, however, he could finally relax, finish detagging Secular Union, and write this dispatch, for the night was over. No more switching WA nations on the worst phone ever made.

Truly an Eshialand Day to remember.

The Grey Wardens of Upper Michigania