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Cities And Districts Of Sincluda

Sincluda has multiple districts, similar to states or provinces, with each their own capital.
Capital District: Nova
The Capital District is confined entirely to Nova and its suburbs. Nova is relatively large, and is renowned throughout Europeia for the unique architecture of its government buildings.
River District: Delta City
The River District is the largest district in every sense of the word, and so is Delta City. The geography of the land follows the gargantuan Prime River until it splits into six different ones at the same time; the Cox River, the Aurora River, the Star River, the Lily River, the White River, and the Stream River. From above, it looks like a supermassive delta! Delta city sits right where the river splits, and its sheer size allows it to sprawl across every one of these rivers. Many tourists flock to this humongous hub of trade, fashion, and more just to see the bridges.
Mountain District: Altopia
The Mountain District sprawls across the Border Range of Southern Sincluda. It is a land full of protected natural wonders, but the capital is instead focused on tourism. Altopia itself is a mega-Ski Resort. The city hall even has a tram that travels to the tallest peak in the region; Chair Mountain.
Forest District: Delania
The forest district covers the untouched land of Western Sincluda. Although it is called the Forest District, there are many different kinds of natural landscapes throughout the district. It is all protected by the government in one large National Park, Sincluda Grande National Park. The capital, Delania, is relatively small, and many natural scientists come here to experience nature in its purest.
Sea District: Miali
The Sea District is composed of an archipelago off the coast of the Sincludan mainland. It is a popular vacation spot and also home to a man-made island that works as Sincluda's top research center. Miali, the capital, is a beautiful city without any obstructive or unappealing buildings. The city prides itself on its buildings that fit perfectly with the landscape. The majority of the population are island natives that agreed to join Sincluda during the colonization of the islands.
Central District: Limeburg
The Central District, as the name implies, is in the middle of Sincluda. It provides most of Sincluda's necessities, such as food and other products. Surrounded by a vast array of farms, the capital, Limeburg, is the third largest in the nation. It is an industrial powerhouse, known for its factories that are constantly innovating for better worker and environmental conditions. It is also the cradle of most businesses. Entrepreneurs will flock here for inspiration from one of the many companies whose home bases are located here. One such is WildCard, an everything-brand famous for a three-storey shop that spans a whole city block.