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Loush Land Mandate: Communist Party of Neko Union | CPNU

Loush Land Mandate:
Communist Party of Neko Union
Neko Ruyon Kommuneze Se Gonsangia


CPNU (Official)
NESGIA (Loushie)

Eternal Chairman

Arcalies Azarious

General Secretary

Qizura Azare

High Committee

Qizura Azare
Daen'ki Koshikami
Taga Himura-Hoo
Siarre Okogishi
Toyoshi Kagakume


5 October 2020


Charles Breindwik

Preceded by

Communist Party of Loush Land

Merger of

Arcalies Party (Moderate)
Communist Party of Sonarevaleit Union
People's Party of The North Nevalia
Workers Liberation Party of OneOnlyOne
National Workers Party of Joy Landia


Xi Lan
Asthora Square



Media Wing

Unified People's Central Media Council

Youth Wing

All Neko People's Youth

Women Wing

All Neko People's Women Association

Labour Wing

All Neko People's Labour Council

Armed Wing

Neko People's Army
Neko People's Police

Cross-region Wing

All Neko Union Council Association




Socialism with Arcalies thought
Loushinism with Arez thought
Socialist Patriotism
Mochi'ism with Ayano thought
Loushinism Union




Neko Ruyon se Wanai!

International Affiliation

Reformist Council
AP Movement

Neko Dongucha'i


Tengko Manshuo'sei


Loush Land Mandate: Communist Party of Neko Union
Sole Ruling Party in Neko Union

The Loush Land Mandate, officially the Communist Party of Neko Union (CPNU) is the one and only ruling party in Loush Land and its territories. Founded long ago on 5 October 2020 by Giora Blorano as the Communist Party of Loush Land Republic (Loush Land Communist Party) and merged with Arcalies Party, and the rest Communist and Worker Parties in Loush continent. Several other founding members were involved in the May 1953 movement which was engaged in politics with the aim of overthrowing the Loush Monarchy at that time led by the Echosant regime. In 1956, this communist party under the banner of the Loush Communist Party launched a mass action that resulted in a civil war between the imperialist and revolutionary camps (a combination of the pro-Asthoshent nationalist army and the pro-Hashesent red army). In 1960, when the civil war ended, revolutionaries took over the government, and finally, after several power struggles, the pro-Asthoshent nationalists managed to wrest control in 1972 and the communist party fled to the north. In 2018, the communist party joined the Loush Land liberation front launched an attack from the Sonarevaleit Union and the surrounding area, in a relatively short time, the communist party managed to win the sympathy of the people in Loush Land so that in 2020, the communist party managed to take over Loush Land, while the nationalists fled to the Rettum region, now part of the kingdom of 5 Nakano. However, there was political turmoil until 2032, when Loushinism was introduced to replace the fragile ideas of Marxism if applied in Loush Land. Since then, the Arcalies Party has also been established, which is dominated by Loushinism values. In 2045, during the unification of the lands of all countries that are members of Neko's political views, all communist parties there join and change to the Communist Party of Neko Union.

The Communist Party of Neko Union is organized on the basis of democratic centralism, a principle that entails open discussion of policy on the condition of unity among party members in upholding the agreed-upon decision. The highest body of the CPNU is the Neko Dongucha'i (Supreme Neko Assembly), convened every fifth year. When the National People's Conference is not in session, the Central Committee is the highest body, but since that body usually only meets once a year, most duties and responsibilities are vested in the Politburo and its High Committee. The current leader is Rio Daszare.